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Avon Sensuality by liiv botanicals

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Now you smell it, Now you don't!!

Jul 16, 2009 (Updated Jul 16, 2009)
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Pros:Made with natural oils, Dye-Free, Preservative-Free,  for  women of all ages.

Cons:not long lasting

The Bottom Line: What would have been a nice light  floral fragrance, was ruined by it's lack of staying power.  I, therefore, can not recommend this fragrance.

Sensuality is a fragrance from Avon, though you won't find this scent in the regular fragrance section on Avon's website or it's catalogs.  It's part of the Liiv Botanical line in the Health and Wellness section.  The Liiv Botanicals products features "Plant Essence Technology" tm,  "Potent Formulas, enriched with powerful botanicals, are clinically, and dermatologically tested and preservative-free." 
  I first smelled this scent, a few months back, when it was first introduced in a catalog.  When Avon introduces a new scent, they include a "scratch n sniff", in the catalog.  I thought it smelled rather pretty, but at $22.50 a bottle, it  was a bit pricey for my pocketbook and thought I'd wait for it to go on sale instead of pay full price. 
  About a month ago, I was checking out the clearance section in Health and Wellness, and saw this scent  on sale for $9.99.  I  eagerly placed my order and couldn't wait  to try it out at home.

  Avon's website says of this product "Arouse the senses! Tantalizing notes of water lily, the exotic florals of jasmine, and soothing calm of vanilla.  Lose yourself in our new alluring scent, made with natural fragrance oils, Dye-free and preservative free" 
   The package said something a little different from the websites description, which I found odd and wasn't sure if they were talking abut the same scent.
"Embrace your sensuality.  This romantic eau de toilette entices you with ginger and violet, highlighted by jasmine, lisylang, sandalwood, and vanilla.  Contains "Plant Essence Technology" tm and 100% natural fragrance oil.  Preservative-free and. Dye-free.  The natural ingredients in this product may cause the color to differ and change over time"

Even reading the description alone, was enough to sell me on this fragrance. 

This product  was introduced in 2008. 

My overall impression of Sensuality by Liiv Botancals.

The  bottle came in a pretty  white box.  The  clear  glass bottle itself was tall, about 6 1/2" tall, including the  plastic cap.  The spray is silver colored.  The words "sensuality by/par liivbotanicals, was written in red.
 When I first sprayed it, it smelled like a nice lightweight, very clean floral.  The vanilla and jasmine are what  really stood out.  The dry down was totally vanilla. It had a very nice pleasant smell, that wouldn't offend anyone who smelled it.  It would be good  safe choice for women of all ages and would make a  great daytime scent. 
   I assumed that since this Eau de toilette, with its natural fragrance oils, would be a long lasting fragrance, but unfortunately, that was not the case with Sensuality.  I sprayed this on myself, rather generously, and an hour later, there was no scent on me whatsoever.  Not a trace remained!!  I was really disappointed as I had very high hopes for this scent and it did not meet my expectations.
 I would have given this scent 3 stars, but that fact that it does not last, I have given it a 1 star rating.  I have never had a scent that disappeared on me so quickly such as this one.  I can not recommend it to anyone.

SD alcohol, 40-B, Water,Parfum/Fragrance, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract(tea  leaf extract), Lagerstroemia(crape myrtle family) indica extract.

Size 1.7 ounce
Retails for $22.50

This product is made in the USA.

Sold exclusively by Avon.
To purchase, Online, go to Avon's website, http://www.avon.com, or order via an independents Avon sales Representative or call 1-800-FOR-AVON(US) or 1-800-265-AVON(Canada)

When I  just checked online, it was not in the clearance Wellness section.  It is available in the Wellness section with the Liiv Botanical line of producuts and was  selling for the regular price of $22.50, but supplies are limited.

Thank you for reading and rating my review. 

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