Azo Yeast Natural Symptom Prevention & Relief 400mg Tablets 60 Each

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Cure & Prevent Yeast Infections With AZO's Natural Symptom Prevention And Relief Tablets

Dec 15, 2005 (Updated May 18, 2008)
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Pros:Helps prevent yeast infections, no aftertaste, no messy creams or vaginal suppositories to deal with.

Cons:Expensive but well worth it.

The Bottom Line: Treat yeast infections or help prevent them with this incredible product from AZO.

This is a review of a yeast infection product and may contain material that some people may consider offensive. If you are sensitive to the subject then don’t read the review.

Yeast infections have to be one of the most disgusting things to deal with. Most people think that if you get one it is because you aren’t ‘clean’ they can happen when you take antibiotics, are under a great deal of stress, have an improper or unbalanced diet or have had sexual contact with someone that is infected. For me, most of the time I get them when I am going off my diet and start consuming carbohydrates or sugar. In the past I have used almost every product on the market to treat an infection including some rather bizarre natural methods that worked but were extremely messy. I’ve used other AZO products to treat infections such as a urinary tract infection and have always had good luck with them. They are a natural alternative to costly medications that can take days to start working and for those who are sensitive about buying such products or visiting a doctor, this is something that can and will help you.

AZO Yeast Natural Symptom Prevention And Relief 400mg Tablets

This product can be used to treat an existing yeast infection or to prevent an outbreak. This is not a 100% guarantee that you will not have an outbreak but it does significantly reduce the possibility of it happening. Yeast infections occur when the natural state of flora and fauna in the body is disrupted; this could be from medication, a drastic change in diet or a poor diet or something that some women have to deal with each time they get their menstrual cycle. It can cause serious problems if it is left untreated or passed on to a sexual partner and it can be passed through oral contact if someone has engaged in oral sex with someone that is infected. What really gets me is the lackadaisical stance that people have towards this. “Oh, I have a yeast infection... yeppie”. If you had an open cut and it was infected you would treat it with medication, keep it clean and make sure that it healed properly. That is the same way that you should view a yeast infection. It is something that can be spread from person to person and in some cases, it can take a while for someone to know that they are infected with it.

If you are sexually active and a yeast infection occurs, it is imperative that you let your partner or partners know this so that they can seek some type of treatment. That is one of the main reasons for this review - to let people know that there is a ‘natural’ alternative to walking into a store and buying something that is made just for women [creams and vaginal suppositories]. I have known a few men who contracted a yeast infection and they suffered with the symptoms [blistered penis, scaling rash on the genitals, painful urination etc] of it for weeks before they finally broke down and admitted that they had a yeast infection [also called thrust in some parts of the world]. This product can help to prevent an infection from happening as well as being used to treat and cure an existing case; I only wish that they would state clearly on the bottle that this can be taken by men ad women. I am sure if this were on the bottle, more men would seek this out as a treatment form rather than sitting there suffering waiting for it to “go away”.

When To Use

You can use this as a preventative measure if you are taking an antibiotic [always check with your doctor or pharmacist first] to prevent a yeast infection from happening or you can take this when you have the first signs of a yeast infection starting. These signs include exterior itching, smell, discharge or discomfort while urinating. If you have ever had a yeast infection you know that these are the tell tale signs of a yeast infection starting up so having something like this to cut it off at the beginning stages means you won’t have to use a three or seven day treatment. If you have recurring yeast infections you may want to schedule an appointment with your doctor, it could mean that there is something else going on inside your body other than a simple yeast infection. There’s no set time as to when you should take this if you are going the ‘once a day’ route but I’d suggest taking this in the morning with a small amount of food to avoid getting an upset stomach. These aren’t hard to swallow but you’ll want to make sure you drink a good bit of water with this so it doesn’t get stuck in your throat.

Suggested Dosage Amounts

AZO suggests that you use this once a day to prevent a yeast infection from occurring and three times a day if you have a yeast infection. They do not state that this can’t be taken by men so this is a treatment that they can seek out if they have had sexual contact with someone that has a yeast infection. Most men aren’t exactly willing to go to a doctor or clinic and get tested to see if they have a yeast infection since this is something that is commonly a “feminine problem”. I am not dishing out medical advice here so please, check with a qualified physician before you self treat something but I would rather see a man pick up a bottle of this than to leave it untreated and spread it to someone else. Since I have recurring yeast infections due to my diet this is something that I start taking a week or so before I come out of ketosis to help my body deal with the carbs and sugars that I’ll be consuming when I am off my diet. I continue to take it for a week when I am going back onto my diet and it seems to work to help about 80% of the time.


Most of the AZO products aren’t cheap; they are using high quality ingredients to offer you a natural alternative to medications. You can generally find the sixty count bottles for seven to eight dollars at drug and larger grocery stores. If you are taking this to prevent yeast infections then the dose is one per day - that is a two month supply. Do the math and that breaks down to about $3.50 a month to help keep your body in check, a small price to pay to help avoid a yeast infection. When I took their UTI formulation it worked better than anything any doctor every prescribed for me and as far as this product goes, it is worth it’s weight in gold for those who have recurring yeast infections


Boneset [eupatorium perfoliatum] mistletoe leaf, [viscum album) lactobacillus sporogenes, cellulose, lactose, maltodextrin

This product relies on three core ingredients to naturally prevent or ‘cure’ a yeast infection. The first is boneset; a botanical that has its leaves and tops harvested for medicinal use. In large amounts it is used to raise the body temperature to promote sweating and force out cold and flu strains. It is because of this ingredient that pregnant and breast feeding women should not take this product. Boneset has been used by Native American Indians have used this as a tea to boost the bodies natural immune system. Europeans mixed it with mud packs to help ‘sweat out’ cold and flu bugs and the homeopathic proponents have long embraced its immune system boosting qualities. Mistletoe Leaf [viscum album a/k/a Christ’s Cross] is added to help restore the flora and fauna levels to their usual state.

Mistletoe itself can be poisonous so don’t think you can nosh on the stuff you get around Christmas time to treat a yeast infection. This is a chemically treated herb that is safe to take orally but again, if you are pregnant or nursing, you should not take this product. Lactobacillus sporogenes is added as another ingredient to help restore the flora of the body, in this case to counteract the presence of, or the starting of, a fungus growth or yeast infection. This is one of the main reasons why it is jokingly referred to as a ‘probiotic’ instead of an antibiotic. To put it simply, this is a good bacteria that helps to overpower the bad ones that are in your system. This has been used in the homeopathic community to treat diarrhea, IBF / IBS, constipation, and to counteract some of the negative effects of antibiotics.

Things To Know

• If you have a yeast infection and choose to treat it without seeking the advice of a doctor there are several things that you need to do to ensure that it is killed off properly. This includes having any sexual partners seek treatment before you engage in any type of intimate contact with them. Men can contract a yeast infection through oral, vaginal or anal contact with a woman that has a yeast infection. This simply means that he could pass it right back to you if he doesn’t use some type of treatment product to rid himself of the bacteria. If you think I am joking around, check some of the STD message boards and view some of the pictures of men who ignored warnings from sexual partners that had yeast infections.

• If you are having recurring yeast infections after trying over the counter or doctor prescribed medications, you will want to have your doctor do a physical. You could have the beginning stages of diabetes or some other condition that is disrupting the natural state of your body. As funny as it may seem to some people, yeast infections are not a laughing matter. If left untreated they could lead to serious problems.

The Bottom Line

This is something that can really make a difference if you are someone that suffers from recurring yeast infection. It is safe to take with other products so if you are using some type of a vaginal cream or suppository [vaginal tablet formulas], this can offer you a little extra power to treat it quickly and completely. If you are using this independently this should start to give you some relief in about twelve hours providing that you are taking three tablets a day. Just because this is presented as a homeopathic alternative doesn’t mean that it is something that you can gobble down like candy. Keep it out of the reach of children, read the entire label before taking it and if the infection isn’t under control within five days, contact your doctor for something stronger.

As always, thanks for the read!

~^V^~ Freak ~^V^~

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