Azo Yeast Natural Symptom Prevention & Relief 400mg Tablets 60 Each

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Clears up Yeast and bacteria vaginosis too!

Sep 24, 2010
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Pros:Fast and effective at keeping infection at bay. Balances Vaginal Flora. Doesn't need refrigeration.

Cons:None so far

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this product FIRST to anyone who is considering buying another type of product online that claims to clear up yeast and bacteria vaginosis problems.

I've been suffering from yeast infections and BV outbreaks for about 2 years, ever since i started taking Depo Provera, the monthly birth control shots. And both infections always got worse after sex. I never felt clean enough to be intimate with my boyfriend(even after showering), and i was always so worried that he could smell the fishy scent during our intimate times, i could never relax. I stopped taking Depo shots in July, got my period back in September, but i still kept getting BV outbreaks and the occasional yeast infection. When i saw this product by chance at Walmart, i was suffering from a BV outbreak. Even though the product only says yeast on the box, it cleared up my bacteria vaginosis as well. For $5.49, that's not a bad deal! I took the AZO yeast pills that say " in a Probiotic base" on the box, and after 2 days, it cleared up all the fishy smell. I'm quite happy with the results, and now im not embarrassed to be physical with my boyfriend anymore, and i don't need sprays or feminine wipes either! :-). If you don't wanna take the chance on paying 4 times as much on Fem-dophilus, or 74 bucks on Femanol, and then have to worry about the probiotics being less effective because of non-refrigeration due to shipping time, and THEN have to continue to refrigerate it everyday (phew!! too much work!), your best bet is to try this first and see if it works for your body chemistry. I'll be wishing luck on you! (PS: If anyone gets physical with their partner unprotected, make sure you get him checked out too. He might have the infection on his man-part. If you notice that every time your yeast or BV infection clears up but then comes right back after being physical with your man, that's probably because he has it and doesn't know. Men dont experience symptoms, because they're parts don't get as warm as our lady-parts do. So the yeast just wait and try to survive on him, and then when you get physical the real tough survivors get inside you and thrive...EEK! That's why after a while, certain creams and meds don't work. Don't be like me and learn this the hard way ladies.)

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