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BOB Revolution SE Orange Jogger Single Seat Stroller

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Me, My Two Bobs, and a Toddler

Aug 25, 2009 (Updated Aug 26, 2009)
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Pros:Steers amazing, holds large child, ample canopy, versatile use

Cons:Heavy, doesn't lock when closed, tires need frequent pumping

The Bottom Line: This stroller will last you until your child is ready to be done using a stroller, and is appropriate for all activities. It is comfortable for both parent and child.

If you've read any of my previous reviews, you'll note that I am a stroller-holic, and want the best of everything. Even though I'm not a "jogger" myself, I kept thinking about having one of these sporty little numbers for my own - not to mention that my husband is a Bob so he wanted one with his name on it (ha ha). I made the purchase of my BOB Revolution when my daughter was already 2.5 years old, but she's more of a rider than a walker still. We've been primarily Bugaboo people, but in the 4 months since we've had our BOB, we haven't gone back to a Bug...

My favorite feature of this stroller is the ease and grace of movement, which steers even smoother and easier than any of my Bugaboos. It turns on a dime, and is steerable with one finger, even with a 30+ pound child in it. The seat is way more generous on this stroller than any I've ever seen. I'm a size 4 and I can even sit in it! The hood is wide and large and covers pretty much everything but long toddler legs. It is a big enough stroller that my 40" kid can still sit comfortably AND most importantly can still fit under the canopy which she does NOT any longer in the Bugaboo. There are some nifty stretchy mesh pockets on the inside walls the stroller, which my kid loves sticking her cup and her treasures in. The brake is a simple one toe tap bar running along the back wheels. The separately sold cup holder is a MUST have. A surprise perk to me (though certainly not intended by the mfg) is that the foot rest is actually appropriately sized for a second toddler to sit on and mooch a ride. Comes in handy for a tired older sibling, or just a buddy that wants to be in YOUR stroller. The stroller swings open literally in a snap, and folds down easily, with a two hand squeeze, and a tug on the carrying handle. The front wheel locks for those who dare to actually JOG. The seat does recline, but it's a one position buckle-release. Handle bar is nice and round and squishy, so never awkward feeling in your hand. This stroller is also much more stable than any of my others with bags hanging on the handlebar.

And as all great things must have their weaker points, there are a few with this. I hate the air tires. I don't think there's any specific leaks, but I still have to pump them up every couple of weeks. I guess I got used to the nice foam tires on my Bugs. This stroller is kind of heavy, but that doesn't bother me as much as the fact that when you fold it up, it doesn't lock in a closed position so picking it up and getting it into the car still folded can be awkward. When we traveled by air with it, I had to use a bungee cord to keep it from flying open, but it worked. As with so many other strollers, the storage basket can be difficult to get into with anything more than about 6" thick.

All in all, the pros far outweigh the cons for my own needs, and this is my favorite stroller to date.
Some functional factors:
Max child weight: 70 pounds
Stroller weight: 23 pounds
5 point harness system
1 way reclining seat

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 390
Age Range of Child: 12 to 36 Months

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