Baby Orajel Teething Swabs

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Baby Orajel Teething Swabs; The Company Needs to Improve The Delivery System.

Mar 4, 2007
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Pros:The medication works

Cons:The delivery system leaves a lot to be desired.

The Bottom Line: The delivery system should be a shoe-in. The swabs are a unique idea the system just doesn't work as it should.

Teething babies are always a problem and crying is one of the symptoms. My thirteen month old son starting cutting teeth at nine months old with all the symptoms that come with the process. I used baby Orajel and that helped. I knew it was helping when he opened his mouth and was eager for the medicine to be put on his gums.

Many teeth later getting the solution between his teeth into the space that needs it was iffy at best. My husband and I looked for another solution.

One day hubby came home with a new way to apply Baby Orajel. The little package had a blue flat plastic container inside and this held what looked like Q-tips. The Baby Orajel Teething Swabs come 12 swabs to a package.

On closer inspection I noticed that the little swabs, instead of a wooden stick had a plastic hollow stick with liquid inside. One end has a white cotton tip and the other end had a cotton tip with pink stripes on it.

I read the package and it said the main ingredient was Benzocaine which is the same medication used in the other Baby Orajel products. The amount in each swab is 7.5 %.

The baby had been fussing all day and trying to chew on everything hard he could find. Perfect time I thought to try them now. I read the directions and it said to break the swab at the pink striped end and allow the medicine inside to flow down into the white swab.

Sounded simple enough, I opened the pack took out the swab went to the pink striped end and tried to snap or break it off. The main work in that sentence was tried. I twisted and bent it and all to no avail. Finally I went looking for a pair of scissors and then I cut the end off, whew!

I held the swab end down and the liquid started to flow, the bottom of the swab got moist, I held the swab for more then the 45 seconds the instructions called for and all the medicine in the tube never did come out.

I called Bryson and he came toddling to me, I then took the swab and swabbed in between his teeth to the gum where another tooth was coming in. When I finished I threw the swab away.

Conclusion: It stopped the crying, he seemed much happier after that. This medication works. This is the only pro there is to this method of administration. I guess it is the most important one, but I will not buy this type again.

The cons far outweigh the pros. I ended up throwing the swab away after use as anyone would but the tube was still ¼ full of the medication.

The tube is impossible to snap open or break or twist off unless you are stronger then I am and then I don't know if you could snap it easily.

If you decide that this is the teething medicine you want to use then make sure you have a pair of scissors handy.

The concept is great the medicine works and it is a great way to deliver the medication to the places where it is needed. It would be all of the above if the people who make Baby Orajel would work on the swab system to make it snap or break like it should and either put less medicine and more swabs or lower the price.

Thank you for reading my review.

Diane Sartain
© 2007

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