Baldwin Wurlitzer Console 2270

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My twins love this thing!

Jul 24, 2000
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Pros:Great sound, price, stays tuned


Really, our 4-month old twins love to hear my wife play her piano.

About three years ago we bought my wife a Baldwin Wurlitzer Console 2270 at a piano sale at a local University where we live. A company from Little Rock supplies all of the pianos for the University of Central Arkansas' music program. Typically, they replace the pianos each year and sell the ones that are only a year old. This company also brings many of the pianos in it's show room to the university to sell at reduced prices.

Well, my wife had wanted a piano since she had moved out of her parents house a couple of years earlier so we went and took a look at what they had. What we found was a great variety of pianos at prices that were around 70% of market price. So, we bought this one.

The tone quality of this piano is superb for an upright. It's not quite as good as you would find in a grand piano, but it is very good considering the price.

The keys are very well balanced and very responsive to the slightest touch. This is a bad thing if you are just learning how to play the piano because every wrong note stands out. You can't catch yourself in the middle of pressing the key and hold back.

The company we bought it from tuned it when they delivered it. It hasn't been tuned since in the three years we have owned it and you can't tell. It sounds just as good today as it did the day it was tuned.

Our piano is a basic model. It does not have a lot of fancy woodwork. It looks good with it's mahogany finish and gold handles even though it is a standard piano. When we bought it, we got what we could afford. We believe that if we would have paid more, we would have been paying for the look and not the sound.

Our piano is in great shape, but it's only three years old. We have had no complaints from this instrument. My wife plays it on a daily basis and the music actually soothes and calms our children when they are upset. If one of them is crying, they stop and listen to the music. It has been a wonderful investment for our home.

We have the piano on an interior wall against the stair case. There is a closet on the other side of the wall. This open area seems to make the sound more pure than if it were on an outside wall. It sits in our living room where we can enjoy it any time we choose without having to get up and change rooms.

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