Start Layering Your Escentual Fragrance The Right Way!: Bare Escentuals Escentual Shampoo For The Body

Jul 12, 2005 (Updated Jul 12, 2005)
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Pros:Cleans well; moisturizing; leaves skin nicely scented; good quality; made in USA

Cons:Can be hard to find unless you go online; I wish it were more moisturizing

The Bottom Line: This is the first step in layering Bare Escentuals' wonderful Escentual scent. It's a great product!

I've been using Bare Escentuals products for about six years now, and always look forward to the introduction of new products. One of the first items I tried was one of their fragrances, Bare Escentuals Escentual. This purchase was the result of a really great presentation on QVC. The show host, as well as the founder of Bare Escentuals, Leslie Blodgett, were telling viewers that people will stop you on the street and want to know what you are wearing. They also said that the fragrance has over 150 notes. I picked up the phone and dialed. I had to have this delicious-sounding fragrance! I ended up loving this scent, and it's still one of my top favorites. Of course, it wasn't long before I purchased the Shampoo For The Body and the Body Conditioner as well, in order to layer the delicious Escentual fragrance (which was called Escentual Parfait back then).

How Does Bare Escentuals Describe The Escentual Scent?:

Top notes of hypnotic jasmine and ylang ylang subtly shift to include hints of freesia, melon, pineapple, and mandarin. Your senses then linger on the trailing aromas of exotic vanilla, birch, and tonka bean with its buttery-chocolate undertones.

Escentual Shampoo For The Body Product Details:

Bare Escentuals Escentual Shampoo For The Body is a shower gel product. It comes in a tall, 13 oz. clear, thick plastic bottle with a push-down, black plastic cap.

This product comes in just the 13 oz. size.

The Escentual fragrance also comes in a few other products: Eau de Parfum, the Body Conditioner, Body Polish, and a Body Cream that is available as part of a set.

This Is What QVC Has To Say About This Product On Their Website, Where This Product Can Be Purchased:

Indulge in the luxurious lather of this Bare Escentuals shampoo for the body. The fine blend of botanical ingredients is loaded with moisturizing properties and softeners that glide effortlessly over the skin. Exposed to heat or water, the complex blend of 150 aromatic essences blooms, creating a new scent sensation every time you use it.

Ingredients (taken from packaging):

Extracts of chamomile, elder flower, rosemary, goldenseal, calendula and comfrey in demineralized water, decyl polyglucose, sodium laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl amine oxide, PEG-80, glyceryl cocoate, ethylene glycol monostearate, di-panthenol (pro vitamin B5), dimethicone and laureth-4 and laureth-23, fragrance oil, guar hydroxpropyl, trimonium chloride, ascorbic acid, disodium, EDTA, DMDM, hydantioin, citric acid.

My Experience:

Since I loved the Escentual scent already, I knew that I would like this Bare Escentuals Escentual Shampoo For The Body unless it was so bad that I couldn't possibly like it. Anything that was going to help to layer one of my favorite fragrances was going to be a winner in my book.

The look of Escentual Shampoo For The Body is that of a thick, amber gel. It looks like a lot of other shower gels but it's a bit thicker. It has the feel of a luxurious shower gel.

A little bit is all it takes to get a nice lather and a bunch of bubbles going on your shower sponge or wash cloth. I use an amount about the size of a quarter. It also helps that this is a good quality product, which, most of the time, allows you to use less of the product to get more results. I am one of those people who wash one section of their body at a time, so I'm rinsing and re-lathering my net pouf shower sponge a few times during my shower. So I use my fair share of product with each shower.

Even though I do use a good amount of this product, it does not dry out my skin. It cleans well without making my skin feel tight or dry. It's somewhat moisturizing, but it's not as moisturizing as I would like it to be (of course, no shower gel is as moisturizing as I would like it to be!). The important thing, though, is that it's not drying and it's not irritating to the skin.

Bare Escentuals Escentual Shampoo For The Body has a really great scent in the shower. The scent really does "bloom" when the heat of the shower hits the scent. I can smell so many different notes. I like the way it scents my entire bathroom and even into other rooms. It's a fairly strongly-scented shower gel, without being too strong.

Bare Escentuals Escentual Shampoo For The Body leaves my skin smelling like the Escentual fragrance. It's the perfect way to begin the layering process of one of my favorite scents. The scent lingers for about an hour after my shower if I don't follow up with the Escentual Body Conditioner and matching fragrance.

Overall this shower gel is worth the $18. It's luxurious and top-quality.

Price and Purchasing Information:

The price of Bare Escentuals Escentual Shampoo For The Body is $18.00 no matter where it is purchased. It can be purchased at Bare Escentuals boutiques nationwide, or online at or

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