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CLASSROOM: Fish, Sea Border Chart

Jun 9, 2012
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The Bottom Line: Bordering a central white area for display, penning a title, or whatever comes to mind is found a seascape.

Note: as with most of the items I review in this category, the items are not NECESSARILY toys, games, game pieces, game boards, or items for use with game machines, or Software or office supplies per se, rather these are classroom type materials, designed by educators and intended for use with Early Childhood, as well as primary and older age Elementary students in a classroom or home school setting.  Decorative pieces are frequently fine for use in High School settings as well.

This product is a card stock paper, border chart

Barker Creek™ and Lasting Lessons Educational Products Publishing Company Incorporated , 17 x 22 inch Fish, Sea Chart
provides nice possibilities adding pizzazz, decorating and inspiring Little Learners.

While most of the bordered charts offered by this publisher can be used either horizontal or vertical, Fish Chart with ocean scene having sandy bottom and watery top is best when used horizontal.

This is an especially child pleasing border chart for displaying Osage County First Grade's work, drawing attention to a work area or whatever the imagination may come up with.  Living here in land locked Oklahoma one might think Little Learners would not have much fascination with the sea.  I have found Little Learners living here in the middle of the continent, and those I taught inCaliforniawhere the Pacific coastline runs along the western length of the state, do have the same sense of  enthrallment for ocean and all things ocean.

Generated of high quality card stock, heavy duty paper crafted from choice raw materials chosen to meet industry and governmental regulations regarding safety, suitability and durability of products meant to be used in settings where young children can be expected to be present; this chart is a strong, hard wearing product.

Bordering a central white area for display, penning a title, or whatever comes to mind is found a seascape.   A sandy floor filled with starfish, a hermit crab in a borrowed shell, a lobster, seed weed, rocks, coral and a sand castle flows into the watery world of the sea where diverse fish in many child pleasing colors abound along with a jaunty octopus.  A fish hook is seen in the upper left corner, however, the fish are not much interested in it.

Inks used are vibrant, filled with the vivacity that is the ocean, and are  non toxic. 

I find chart sized card stock border frames to be dandy as backdrop for generating free form calendars having small accents for days and word strips as month name headings, classroom posters, displaying work pages, text and elegy written by Little Poets, showcasing lists of High Frequency words for Little Scribes to use for sentence and story journal and single sheet writing, imagination provides inspiration.

I derive pleasure from exhibiting children’s work;  I do not routinely put the so called – good- pages on display, rather, because Little Learners try hard to do well, and some do indeed turn out more beautiful than others, however, my own sense of fair play dictates that hard work should be rewarded and not just the best.  Some Little Learners, and adults too, cannot turn out the best no matter how hard diligence is put to use. 
As we begin a work session I will tell Osage County First Grade that each of a group of work sheets, math or language arts will be put on display out in the corridor.
I like to have children’s ongoing best effort put on viewed where it can be observed quickly as parents, siblings or others come into our corridor to meet their child during or at the end of the school day.  Children are always captivated to see their work shown.  Parents are happy to find every child in Osage County First Grade has opportunity for seeing their work exhibited.  

These exciting, matter-of-fact frames printed on one face are proving to be a nifty Frame Board for attaching pages to the pinning board and are used to emphasize special work sheets, certificates and other important awards.

I find these border charts especially nice as we read of the ocean and the inhabitants of the sea. 
Happy to recommend Barker Creek™ and Lasting Lessons Educational Products Publishing Company Incorporated , 17 x 22 inch Fish, Sea Chart



Reviewed by Molly’s Reviews
molly   martin

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NOTE: The following is information regarding Barker Creek™ and Lasting Lessons Educational Products Publishing Company Incorporated.

 If you, as I, have an interest in company information in particular information regarding where items are offered, safety standards regarding materials used,  and suitability for classroom usage due to expertise of designers and the publisher or other pertinent classroom based information ,
 Please Read;

Should you not have such interest, Please skip. 

Internet search including the Barker Creek Educational Products indicates:  launched in 1999 Barker Creek Educational Products opened with a single; product one book, the Draw•Write•Now®, Book One.

Items offered by Barker Creek Educational Products are developed by teachers and parents who are frequently searching for better tools to assist children’s learning. 

Criteria used for creating and evaluating new products, includes: is the product  educationally sound and does it address an important, fundamental learning skill;  is it a hands-on, interactive tool;  can we bring it to market at an affordable price without sacrificing quality;   will it function in both a classroom and home environment and, will kids love it and want to use it for a long, long time?

Continuing growth allows Barker Creek Educational Products newest catalog to offer over 40 new products to help children master language arts, math and social studies skills in addition to others in their growing stable of works.

At Barker Creek Educational Products satisfaction is the top priority; we stand behind our products 100%.

Barker Creek Educational Products
P.O. Box 2610

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