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Hey -- Let's Play School!

Nov 3, 2001 (Updated Nov 3, 2001)
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Pros:No Batteries, Stimulates Imagination and Encourages interest in learning.

Cons:Bulky, Many pieces

The Bottom Line: Great imagination toy for children interested in school and like Barney the purple dinosaur.

This was a great imaginative idea for a toy and who better to imagine with but Barney! This is made by Playskool so you know you're getting top quality merchandise. If you have a little one that enjoys playing school or with doll houses, this may be of interest!

Description of Schoolhouse
The schoolhouse weighs about 6 pounds and the building is white with a purple roof and purple doors. It sits on a green base which may represent grass, and there's a green sketch of a road in the front of the school to drive the bus on. It has a handle on the top of the roof to carry it by. The handle falls down into place when not in use.

The front of the schoolhouse says' Barney's Schoolhouse and has 2 purple doors that open. There is a clock at the top (which snaps into place on first set-up, not designed to be detachable for play). There is a knob which turns the big and little hand at the same time. There is a green button to push to hear the bell. (The bell is like the one you put your palm on to call for service).

The left side of the school has pictures of blocks with numbers 1-10. There is a purple door that opens and a window on this side (You can see into the schoolhouse through the window and door window).

The opposite long side side of the building has all of the ABC's. There is a picture of Barney and baby bop at the chalkboard inside of the window (so you can't see inside of the schoolhouse from this window). This whole side comes down and gives access to inside the schoolhouse. It takes a little tug to get it down and a little push to get it back into place. (It's a little more difficult to open and close than I think it should be but my 1 year old did manage to do it).

There is a green chalkboard on the inside of the door that can be written on in chalk. The inside is completely empty except for an attached chalk board with something already written on it.

There is a window in the back that has a picture of Barney painting on an easel inside of the window (so you can't see inside of the schoolhouse from this window).

School Desk
I probably would not have known this was a school desk if the box didn't say so. It is purple and has to seats facing each other with 2 letter trays in the middle.

The easel is yellow and has pre-determined writing on it.

Teeter Totter
The teeter totter actually totters. There are people that can sit on the end

The sides are yellow with a white flimsy piece that is in the middle. There is a blue seat that sits between the white pieces. This falls apart all the time but you can put a person in the seat and swing them.

The slide is very sturdy and you can slide the people down it.

The bus is yellow with blue wheels and seats for the people. The wheels really move.

4 people
They're similar to "little people" but they're made pretty cheaply. Their heads are put on with a screw or something because they make noise when you move them.

Barney Figurine & Baby Bop Figurine
These are made of thick plastic and do not have any moving parts.

1 piece of Chalk
This is just a normal piece of chalk to make a mess with on the inside of the door.

How To Play
This is played with in the same manner that a doll house is played with. The child sets up the school and then rings the bell to start class. The child pretends to drive the kids and Barney to school, teach with the chalk, easel, and desks and probably immediately call recess! When they are done playing, all of the accessories can be stored inside the schoolhouse.

Age Level
I specifically searched for this for my little one (Barney - trying to collect them all!) and she didn't have much interest in it at the age of 1 & 2. She plays with it now and then. The parts are ALL over now. She doesn't understand "school" anyway. She opens the doors on the schoolhouse a lot and sticks stuff in it. I just found not one but 2 old bottles in it...lucky me. If your child isn't a huge Barney fan this may be difficult to store. Hers sits on the shelf and looks ok since her room is decorated in Barney. Although this is a Barney theme toy, there's not a whole lot of "Barney" to it. I'd recommend this for ages 3 and 4 who know what a school is and how to play school. My daughter at 2 is way to young to play with this as it was desinged but she does look at it and touch it frequently.

Where to Buy
I think it might be difficult to find these at the store now but may still be possible. They do have these on Ebay and I myself have seen 2 of these this summer at flea markets.

My Complaint
There isn't anything but hard plastic on the bottom of the schoolhouse. The first day my daughter had this she put it on the coffee table and when she was done I found that it had left huge scratches (more like gouges) on the coffee table. It would have been nice if they put feet or something under it so it wouldn't scratch whatever it's sitting on. There isn't anything rough on the bottom, but somehow it managed to scratch perhaps because it's heavy.

The little accessories are cut but are what I would consider cheaply made. My daughter was 1-1/2 when she got it so I was a little fearful that she would get hurt on the pieces.

Because the accessories are very lightweight it is used best when on a table or hard surface (not carpet). You also need a lot of room because the schoolhouse itself is large and you'll need room to string out the accessories.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 20.00
Type of Toy: Playscene
Age Range of Child: 3 to 5 Years

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