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BARSKA Trend AB10124 Binoculars

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Very compact, light weight binocular

Oct 7, 2009 (Updated Apr 10, 2012)
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Pros:Compact, light, solid build

Cons:Small objective lense and low power magnification.

The Bottom Line: I recommend this binocular for well lit, relatively close viewing; or when extremely compact portability is needed.

I received this as a gift a few years ago. I've used it mostly to view theatre shows and some near field outdoor viewing. The objective lense is fairly small (21mm) making this a poor choice for low-light viewing like outdoors in evenings or cloudy days. I really don't have too many compaints about this binocular but I don't have many praises either. It's middle-of-the-road; mediocre. It's not very powerful (8x), but there are binoculars on the market that are only 6x or less so these are not the weakest either. It's VERY light, small, compact and portable. I have dropped it and it still seems to focus equally in both barrels; so I think that indicates a good build quality. The neck "strap" is simply a woven cord about the size of a shoelace. Fortunately, this binocular is light weight or the neck strap would be uncomfortable. This binocular is rubber coated to give it some water resistance; however, I don't think it's are considered "armored" or water-proof. The rubber coating does provide a good grip to hold the binocular which I think was the intended purpose of it anyway. It comes with a small piece of flannel lense cleaning cloth. This cleaner seems to do little more than smear the lenses with some sort of oily coating. I think I would have been better off to have dusty lenses than oil streaked lenses. Perhaps a strong alcohol (90% or stronger isopropyl) would be a better cleaning choice than the flannel cloth. It comes with a black cordura case with a belt loop on the back and a flap with a Velcro closure. It's a decent choice for "opera glasses" if you're looking for something compact to view live theatre or sporting events with. I don't consider this to be a good choice for hunting or rugged use. I recommend this binocular for use as "opera glasses" but not much more. You'll get noticable magnification out to around 200 yds (183m); beyond that this binocular is pretty useless. Of course, it will maginify images past 200 yds but clarity diminishes partly do to the small objective lense size.

UPDATE: 4/10/2012-
I have been carrying this binocular with me daily in a satchel. I've been using it mainly at the bus stop to look down the road and see how close the bus is to the stop that I'm waiting at. All my previous comments about the size, weight, and construction of binocular still holds true. I would like to add that after an additional 3 years of use and jostling round in the bottom of a canvas satchel, this binocular has really shown itself to be able to take a mild beating and still perform perfectly. The image I see through it is still in focus and crystal clear. Nothing has been knocked out of alignment or cracked. I keep it in the small Cordura pouch that it came with to it doesn't get scratched.

A few details to add: This binocular measures 3-1/2" long (9cm) by 2-5/8"(approx 7cm) wide when folded closed. The field of view is 383FT/1000DS (128M/1000M). Made in China.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this binocular!

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