Be Koool Gel Sheets for Kids

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Be KooolŪ Gel Sheets for Kids

Mar 30, 2003 (Updated Mar 30, 2003)
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Pros:non-medicated, can cut for better fit

Cons:cold when first placed on; slips down often

The Bottom Line: A useful staple to have in your medicine cabinet to help cool children when they have fevers and are sick in bed

This is another one of those products that I purchased without the immediate need to utilize. When I saw these Be KooolŪ Gel Sheets for Kids I knew this was something I wanted to have on hand for when my kids get sick. I appreciate having everything in stock since taking sick children to the Doctor is a chore in itself. I prefer to just drop off any prescriptions we get from the visit and go back at a later time to pick them up. This is because the wait is usually several hours at the Doctor and why add to the discomfort of the sick child by waiting for the medicine.

The times I have waited at the drug store are when I peruse the aisles in search of new items to purchase for future use. When I make my purchases I write the cost down on the box so I can refer back at a later time. These new products always cost more than I would normally want to spend, but since they last more than one sick season it tends to even out in the end. There are only four sheets in the box and they cost over a dollar each. I started smart when I had to open the package this month when my now eight-year old son had a viral infection.

I chose to cut the Be KooolŪ Gel Sheets for Kids sheet in half to see if this would work just as well. Also the sheet seemed fairly long in length and my son was in need of a haircut and I did not want to waste the sheet. The photo on the box does show part of the sheet hanging to the side and hair covering it at the top. The tricky part is that they stock two gel sheets in a foil pouch and you need to reseal this by folding it twice along the dotted lines to prevent drying out. In the pouch there is one half sheet and the other one not yet used.

One Be KooolŪ Gel Sheets for Kids sheet can be used for up to four hours. They should be stored in a cool place, but you can store one in the refrigerator for extra cooling. I would not do that until you have received feedback from the child upon initially wearing one out of the box. The gel feeling was not comfortable to my son at first. Within thirty minutes the sheet slipped down his forehead and I had to reposition it several times over the period he was wearing it. This did not last the full four hours.

When a Be KooolŪ Gel Sheets for Kids has been removed it gets discarded and can only be used once and not for sharing or use in freezer. Before applying the sheet the forehead should be dry and not wet. Since there is no medication on the sheet you can still administer medicine to your child while wearing the Be KooolŪ Gel Sheets for Kids. The sheet was very easy to remove, more than putting it in place and did not leave any mark or residue on his forehead. There is a slight menthol scent but it is not overpowering or noticeable to my son. This should not be used on broken skin, sunburned areas or any wounds. Hair, eyebrows and clothing are not to come into contact with the gel sheet. The sheets are sized at 2” x 4 ž”. When you open the pouch you have the sheet with a backing that needs to be peeled off. It feels very rubbery and looks like a small feminine protection pad or liner. The transparent film is easy to cut through to make the sheet smaller for the child’s forehead. From what I can read this is only to be used on a forehead and for use in children. There is no age recommendation, but it is mentioned that adult supervision is required for very young children.

Whether my son would want this on him again depends on how hot he is feeling, but a cool washcloth works almost as well, but he does not like the wet feeling of that. There is always the option of an ice bag for kids that can handle holding on to one while in pain at the same time. These are portable since there are two in a pouch and worth stocking to try out on your children and see if they get relief.

My son was lying down on the couch while having the Be KooolŪ Gel Sheets for Kids on and did not move his head too much. I had the television pointed in his direction. I could not imagine a child doing any type of activity while wearing the sheet, and they do not market it for that purpose.

If there is any burning or discomfort associated with using the Be KooolŪ Gel Sheets for Kids then discontinue use. Consult a Doctor if a rash appears. The gel is a thin film that is kept in place by the transparent film, and it sticks directly to the skin. There is no need to press on it, and it is easy to re apply when it has slipped off from the place it was applied to. I believe due to sensory issues it was not the greatest feeling for my son, but he has tolerated and enjoyed wearing the Triaminic Vapor Patch.

The Be KooolŪ Gel Sheets for Kids has heat dispersing from the sheet that works in an upward motion bringing soothing relief to a child that is feeling hot and under the weather. This is also Doctor recommended. There is nothing listed on the box about ingredients since this is just a blue gel and no mention of whether this can be worn while sleeping, like when taking a nap since one only lasts for four hours. Another notation not listed is whether this can get wet, like if a child is taking a bath, which helps a child when they are sick as well. Be KooolŪ Gel Sheets for Kids is a product of Japan and has no expiration date to worry about.

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