Bear Creek Country Kitchens, Chicken Noodle Soup Mix, 8 Serving Bag, 9.3 Oz Bags (Pack Of 6) Reviews
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Bear Creek Country Kitchens, Chicken Noodle Soup Mix, 8 Serving Bag, 9.3 Oz Bags (Pack Of 6)

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Bear Creek Country Kitchens Chicken Noodle Soup Mix - Don't look for the chicken!

Jan 24, 2008
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Pros:Two kinds of pasta, nice assortment of veggies.

Cons:No chicken. Way too much sodium!

The Bottom Line: As packaged soup mixes go, this one's pretty good. With plenty of pasta, and a nice variety of veggies. But don't bother looking for the chicken - there isn't any.

It's winter time. That means I'm going to eat a lot of soup. Yes, even here, in the warmth of South Florida, I still indulge in soups during the winter. Occasionally I get ambitious and make my own, and sometimes I get lazy and open a can. But while the home-made soups are delicious, they take a lot of work. And the canned soups are - well - they're not always the best. So sometimes I do the "compromise". By that I mean that I make soup from a package. A little better than the cans, but much less work than the home-made, these packages are a nice way to go.

So I've been trying lots of different brands. Most recently, I tried Bear Creek's Country Kitchens Chicken Noodle Soup Mix. I admit to being swayed by the picture on the package. It really does look delicious!

The package makes eight 1-cup servings of soup (two quarts). Preparing it is simple. Boil eight cups of water, add the mix, stir, and simmer for 10 minutes. They say to add salt & pepper to taste, but I'd use caution on adding salt. Like most packaged soups, this one has lots of sodium. In fact, each serving contains 120 calories, 1g of fat, 1g of fiber, and 830mg of sodium. Like I said, these items don't skimp on the sodium, that's for sure!

What else is in there?

Two kinds of pasta! This soup contains broad, flat noodles and star-shaped pasta. As one who frequently mixes her pasta shapes together, I am happy to have two kinds of pasta. There are also carrots (nice sized pieces, not little tiny slivers), green onions, peas, corn, and celery. Sadly, there was very little corn. So little, it was hard to find the kernels. The celery pieces were very small, and there weren't too many of them, either. That's ok with me, though, since I don't like celery. By far, the most prevalent ingredient is the pasta. I can hear what you're saying... "But where's the chicken?" Well, this package doesn't actually include any chicken. In fact, in tiny little letters on the front, under the large "Chicken Noodle", it says "chicken flavored". Meaning, there is no chicken, per se, in here. There is, however, chicken fat. There are also "natural and artificial flavors". So there is a chicken flavor to the broth, but no actual chicken.

Does the final product look as good as the picture?

It's pretty close, actually. Except the picture probably shows a bit more corn than what's really in there. But otherwise, it's a realistic depiction.

How does it taste?

Not bad, actually. The flavor is pretty good, and there are plenty of "insides" so you don't run out of the good stuff and get stuck with a giant bowl of broth. Of course, if I were to make this product for a full meal, I would add chicken to it. That's the one thing that's sorely lacking. Still, as far as package mixes go, this one is actually pretty good.

See www.bearcreekfoods.com for additional information.

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