Beautone Clear Project File Open 2 Sides Waterproof11"x8 1/2"ASST BSP44109 Reviews

Beautone Clear Project File Open 2 Sides Waterproof11"x8 1/2"ASST BSP44109

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Protect Your Papers, Reports And Projects With Beautone’s Clear Poly Project Files

Oct 13, 2005
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Pros:Available in tons of colors, sturdy, inexpensive, great for school reports.

Cons:Will mar if handled roughly, not for large jobs.

The Bottom Line: A great option for color coordinating, organizing or posting information. Beautone’s Clear Poly Project Files are an office wench’s best friend!

Over the years I have used a lot of clear sleeves to protect papers; from the thin one sheet protectors that slide into three ring binders to the industrial ones that go through the laminating machine. The Beautone Clear Poly Project Files are a nice choice for those who are looking to store important papers away or have easy access to papers in a folder. The ten pack of assorted colors is a good pick for people who have never used these, you aren’t locked into having a ton of one color and you can play around with your filing system until you find a color combination that works best for you. There are a lot of uses for these and thanks to the thumb cut on the front, getting papers in and out of them has never been easier. Available at most larger office supply store, this is some thing that you’ll find a ton of uses for around the house, in your office and the kids love to have them for school work.

Beautone Clear Poly Project Files

This ten pack of clear file pockets is a great way to add a little bit of color to your filing system, keep important papers visible or to add a little spunk to a homework assignment without having to use staples or a>
paper clips. These are flat plastic sheets that do not expand so the most you will be able to fit inside them is ten to fifteen sheets of paper These will provide some protection against ripped or wrinkled pages but unless you put a piece of cardboard inside the back of it, there is still a chance of the pages getting folded or squished if shoved in a backpack. You can fit papers up to an 8 1/2 x 11 size inside these and they can be trimmed for smaller pieces of paper. These are great to use if you have a list of numbers, names, email addresses or phone extensions that you want to protect from getting dirty or destroyed. Just slide the sheet inside it and tape it to a pull out drawer or to a wall and you are set. For school papers, it’s best to check with the teacher to see if these can be used - some teachers hate these with a passion. Since we are homeschoolers that’s not a big deal; the brood use them to store their most prized papers and reports away for their portfolio at the end of the year.


When you buy the ten pack you get two each of the following colors: clear, green, blue, red and gray. This gives you a nice assortment to start out with but if you are going to be doing big jobs and need a single color, opt for the ten packs of one color instead of the assorted. You will be able to see through most of the colors so the top page will be visible, the only exception to this might be purple [available in the ten pack] and gray. Having different colors allows you to color code things to make them easier to find. The plastic will stand up to a lot of use before it starts to get scratched or marred so these are a great investment for anyone that wants to add a little bit of color to paperwork, files or school assignments.


You can find these at most larger office supply stores for about two dollars a pack; if you need a single color in the ten pack size they run about the same price. If you are ordering online make sure you read the description carefully so you are going to get either the assortment of colors or a single color of your choice. To me these are more than worth it if you are looking to make certain papers or pages highly visible within a file jacket or need to have something posted that everyone will see without it getting bent, torn or tossed away. The kids love these for their projects and reports because they can keep them bound without having to use stapes although some of their reports are a little too lengthy or thick to fit inside one of these perfectly. If you need a ton of these you may want to look for the larger packets instead of the ten count

The Bottom Line

I like these more than the one sided plastic files that have the large plastic slip over closure. These will hold about ten to fifteen pages before the file starts to bulge at the sides so they are great for most medium sized jobs around the house or in the office. These can be trimmed so if you have something smaller like emergency numbers that you post by the phone, you can cut or trim the edges then tape it to the wall so it is highly visible in the event of an emergency. These aren’t thick enough to use with a heat sealer to crimp the sides but you can apply tape to the edges to seal it shut. For about two dollars you get ten plastic project files in five colors - a great price for something that affords you color coordination and protects whatever is placed inside. If you are looking for a colorful way to organize things or have papers in a file folder stand out, Beautone’s Poly Project Files are a great pick!

As always, thanks for the read!

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