Belkin F8E262 Slv Waverest(Tm) Gel Mouse Pad (722868301753) Reviews
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Belkin F8E262 Slv Waverest(Tm) Gel Mouse Pad (722868301753)

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Mar 27, 2008
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Pros:Comfortable and durable

Cons:Can collect grime and is prone to wearing out

The Bottom Line: Highly recommend this comfortable, durable, and cheap mouse pad!

I was looking for a mouse pad with a wrist rest to use with a wireless laser mouse. When I saw that this one had a decent quality wrist rest, I decided to give it a shot. Since then my first one has worn out, and I am now using my second one with a wireless optical mouse.

In both cases the wrist rest held up very well, and lasted at least a good two years. It's not too firm, yet supports the user's wrist very well (polyurethane gel). Towards the end of its life, the fabric begins to loosen from the wrist rest, and the gel itself kind of decomposes. Note however this is for a user who uses the computer extensively and has moist hands. For lighter use, I would expect it to last much longer.

The mouse area is good for both laser and optical mice. It's covered in a smooth, slick fabric, which is ideal for optimal tracking. The tracking area also holds up very well, and the fabric itself is surprisingly durable. With heavy use the fabric can wear out and become shiny as well as a bit sticky, but that's expected from whatever mouse pad you get of this class.


What I liked:
-Comfortable padding
-Good tracking when new
-Relatively durable

What I disliked:
-My second mouse pad came with a bubble in the tracking area, making that portion unusable with the mouse (though, this is a manufacturing defect and not there by design)
-Wrist rest can deteriorate with heavy use
-Fabric surface means it can attract grime, rendering it sticky and reducing performance
-Fabric surface also means it can become loose with heavy use

Other thoughts

I bought mine at a higher price than now, but as it stands, this is excellent value at the current offer ($6-10). As long as you have realistic expectations of a cheap, fabric mouse pad, you will be pleased with the experience. As with the durability, expect to replace the mouse pad every so often, just like shoes. Even the most expensive mouse pad is prone to wearing out.

Also, the buyer should also take a look into plastic mouse pads. They have the advantage of not collecting grime as easily as fabric based mouse pads. Additionally, they have smoother tracking, and are not prone to fabric loosening problems. The caveat is they too can wear out with heavy use, but that is expected. $6-20 is a decent range for average mouse pads, but expect to pay more for higher grade and high performance mouse pads for gaming or detail-intensive work.

As I side note, I found it interesting that there are even glass based mouse pads for $30-70! Personally though something like that seems overkill unless it's for professional work. For everyone else, there is the disposable Belkin Waverest!

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