Belkin RETRACTABLE Travel (F5L016-USB-PBP) Mouse

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Belkin Puts Another Mouse in the House !

Jun 23, 2010 (Updated Apr 21, 2011)
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Pros:Compact, versatile, and inexpensive. Hot-Pluggable USB connectivity


The Bottom Line: Handy, fits easily into Laptop Packs. Although lengthy uses may cramp the fingers, it is suitable and, for me, beats the Touch Pad speeds. A good spare.

Belkin Optical RETRACTABLE Travel Mouse (F5L016-USB-PBP)

Soon after my first laptop PC was set up and operational, I noted a selection of retractable mini-mouses in the Toshiba Accessories catalog. They also offered a 4 Port Hub; the design of which I did not like. That led me to the Belkin Catalog; where I found a much more appealing Hub. Its RED color matched that of the Laptop. Belkin also had a retractable mini-mouse selection and one of them was a fair match of that hub color; so I purchased the Belkin mouse on the same order.

It should not be necessary but would not hurt to repeat that the Laptop Design incorporates a "Touch Pad" feature that acts in lieu of the more familiar cursor controller (i.e. Mouse.) After a determined struggle, I admitted defeat - I had failed the "Touch Pad Test".

But WAIT ! There was still hope. I could use a regular USB mouse instead.
And I did. The Mini size is more suitable for storage with a Laptop.

Wired Optical tracking, Retractable USB Type A plug connected to about 28.5" of flat lead wire stored on a spring loaded spool.
The business end of the wire is captive to the machine itself.

A steady pull will extend both ends, relaxing will set the ratchet.
 (Recommended - Do this before plugging into the USB Port.)
A slight jerk will unlock the ratchet and the wire will re-coil.
 (Recommended - Disengage the USB Plug first and don't allow it to fly home.)

At 3" L x 1.5" W x 1" Thick;
 the size of the mini-mouse is about 60% of its larger cousins.

Weight is negligible.

2 (Two) with the scrolling wheel between.
Left is the usual side to side navigation and cursor positioning and blocking/highlighting.
Right Click ; press to activate a drop-down menu for special functions.
   If the cursor is over a document page, as in NOTEPAD for example, one may access editing commands such as UNDO,  Format, View, Cut, Paste, Delete, and "Select All" (be cautious with this one, Select All followed by Delete can stop your heart.)
Also, reading order (Justification) (R to L) or Opposite can be selected. 

(None of these commands seem to work when editing in an Epinions composition window.)

The Wheel, sometimes called the third button, is for Vertical Navigation; controlled from PC Control Panel, a user may select 1 or more lines per wheel 'click' or may select a whole page at a time per wheel 'click'.
Pressing the wheel 'plants' a special scrolling icon into a document to assist in reading documents on screen. This is not a TILT WHEEL device, so users are obliged to use the navigation bars or a touch pad if the Portable PC Laptop design includes one.


Surprisingly versatile, this Mouse is suitable for advanced document preparation. And, for that matter, it is suitable for skilled users. I tried it out, writing the draft for this review on my Desktop PC. It took some familiarization but was not difficult to use.

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Amount Paid (US$): $15.00

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