Belkin  USB Plus (F5U307WHT) 7-Ports External Hub Reviews
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Belkin USB Plus (F5U307WHT) 7-Ports External Hub

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The reasons why this is the best 7 ports USB hub

Mar 17, 2008 (Updated Mar 24, 2008)
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Pros:7 USB port, never lose connection, fast, great design, cable organizer


The Bottom Line: Fast, reliable, great design and never lose connection


Most computers today come with at least 2 USB ports and sometimes there are 6 USB ports on a computer. In 2007, 2 of my USB ports that were located in front of my computer case broke, so I had to buy a new USB hub that would allow me to connect more USB devices.

What happened next?

Since Best Buy is across the street from where I live, I love to go to Best Buy to buy most of my computer needs, so I went to a Best Buy and looked for a USB hub.

The first USB that I wanted to buy was the Best Buy brand 4 USB ports hub because the price was only $14.95. The only problem with that, there is no built-in AC power booster to the port, from my experience as a computer technician, this kind of USB hub sometimes lose its connection, which is very annoying. The Best Buy USB expansion port design was bad, because the ports are located in front and they are just too close to each other.

Anyway, then I saw the Belkin (F5U307) 7-Port USB Hub. I didn't want to buy the Belkin (F5U307) 7-Port USB Hub because the price was $45.95, but if you look at the design of the Belkin USB hub, you will see why this USB hub will cost more. Although it was hard for me to let go $45.95 to buy this USB port hub, today I never regret the decision I made to buy the Belkin USB port hub.

Why did I buy the Belkin (F5U307) 7-Port USB Hub?

- The Belkin (F5U307) 7-Port USB Hub comes with 7 USB ports, 5 in the back of the device and 2 on the tops. You can see it on the photo. I love the 2 USB ports on the top of the device because I can connect my memory sticks, MP3 player and PDA very easily now without crawling to the back of my computer.

- The Belkin (F5U307) 7-Port USB Hub design is amazing! It comes with cable organizer on the side, you can see it on the photo. I can now organize all the cables, so they won't clutter my desk.

- It is a powered USB port hub. It never lose its connection, all my external hard drives, external optical drives and devices that are connected to the Belkin (F5U307) 7-Port USB Hub, they are working flawlessly.

- I can connect a lot of devices to this HUB which makes me very happy.

- You can expand it to 13 USB ports by buying another Belkin (F5U307) 7-Port USB Hub. You can plug another Belkin (F5U307) 7-Port USB Hub on top of the one you have and you can have more USB ports.

- The 2.0 USB connection is very fast! The data Transfer rate is 480 Mbps. I can transfer files very fast from my internal hard drives to my external hard drives.

- Easy installtion. It is very easy to install, and it doesn't take a computer genius to install the Belkin (F5U307) 7-Port USB Hub. It is just plug and play device and there is no need to install a driver if you run Windows XP on your computer.

- It is very durable. I have owned it for 8 months now and it hasn't given me any problems at all. It is working flawlessly without any problems.

- The built-in power acts as a booster to keep the connection running smoothly. Like I said in the previous paragraph, the non-powered USB hub often loses its connection because it doesn't come with built-in power booster. The Belkin USB port has a built-in power booster to make sure your connection runs without problems.

- Everything from an AC power adapter to a USB cable are all included in the box.

- LED light indicators. The lights will tell you which USB port is active, basically if one of your USB connections is down, the indicator light will be off which is very useful.

What I don't like about it?

Since the Belkin (F5U307) 7-Port USB Hub hasn't given me any troubles and problems, I really don't have anything that I dislike about the USB hub. I really love this USB hub.

Will I recommend this to my friend and family?

Yes, I will recommend the Belkin (F5U307) 7-Port USB Hub. If you need more USB ports/slots for your computer, this is the best USB port expansion hub that I have ever used. In fact, I will buy another one to give me more USB ports.


The Belkin (F5U307) 7-Port USB Hub is a must buy computer device if you need more USB ports, it won't give you any problem at all. It will work flawlessly right out of the box and it is very fast and easy to install. The 2 ports on the top of the USB port let me connect my digital camera, memory sticks, PDA, and cell phone very easily to my computer. I no longer have to crawl to the back of my computer desk. The price is right for the Belkin (F5U307) 7-Port USB Hub because it has a great durability and a great quality connection. I hope my review has been very helpful and let me know if I can improve it. Have a great day!

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