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Jun 1, 2011
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Pros:This product is durable, lightweight, fashionable with a red indicator light

Cons:It does not work as advertised. Waste of money.

The Bottom Line: Do not purchase this product it does not work as advertised. If have purchased it keep all the packaging material.

My experience
The Bell&Howell® Ultrasonic Pest Repeller was less than desirable. We live in a rural area surrounded by trees, bushes, and the like so I expect there to be insects.  My conundrum is pests were finding themselves a nice habitation in my home.  Our family suffers from asthma and many allergies so the traditional method of using sprays was out of the question after my daughter landed in the emergency room from the obnoxious odor those products left in and around the house.  This seemed like a wonderful purchase at the time.   I noticed after two months of using the product I still had ants, spiders, and earwigs coming and going without any bother. Hence the product was not working. .  I plugged one in each floor of the house where my major problem areas were. It had no effect whatsoever on my pest problem.  We then decided to try two on one floor there was still no effect in decreasing the pest problem.            

The Products Ease of Use and My Likes:

I bought two and received one free; they are lightweight, durable, plug directly into an outlet and have an outlet on one side so you do not lose the outlet the product is using.  The only color it comes in is white which fits well with most decors. The product allows you to know it is working by a small red light that blinks continuously.  I have tried others in the past that did not work, but Bell&Howell® Company has always been a trust worthy and I expected results.

Cost and Customer Service:
The cost for Bell&Howell® Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is $24.99 buy two get one free. In this economy it was a good size purchase and not one I took lightly.  When I attempted to return the repellers I was referred to the customer service number on the package. When I said I did not have the package any longer I was promptly told I could not be helped without the number, so I asked for the number and was told it was not their problem since I had bought these from an online auction site.  Their policy is a seven-day money back guarantee. 

What I did not like about the product because it does not work as it was advertised to work. I still have pests and resorted to using ant traps, spider spray, back to the chemicals that had me searching for an alternative in the first place.    

A Mind Thing:
Since I can’t return them, and I can keep hoping they will work and have yet to tell my daughter they do not work. Her fear of spiders is somewhat alleviated with the product still in place. However the ants that are making their way into the little ant houses I have laying around are a comfort to me.

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