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Ben 10: Protector of Earth (Sony PSP, 2007)

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Protect the Earth with Ben 10

Feb 27, 2008
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Pros:lots of fun, terrific graphics, great character, awesome sound effects

Cons:special maneuvers can be tricky at times

The Bottom Line: A great video game based on the cartoon.

Thinking about saving the Earth? Well don’t bother, because Ben 10 has it covered. Meet Ben Tennyson, a mild mannered 10 year old boy who stumbles upon a mysterious alien device called the Omnitrix, which lets him change into 10 different alien body types, each with its own special powers. Ben uses these alien bodies to fight the alien forces of evil, headed by an alien named Vigilax. Vigilax wants to use the Omnitrix for his own evil purposes, and Ben must stop him. Ben is joined by his 10 year old cousin, Gwen Tennyson, and his old reliable grandfather, Grandpa Max.

Ben 10: Protector of Earth is based on the Cartoon Network show of the same name, and is published by D3 Publishers, no stranger to Teen Trend when it comes to producing awesome games. D3 does another great job producing Ben 10. Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max travel around the USA in an RV, visiting cities, landmarks, and historical sites, each time battling Vigilax and his minions. As Ben gains more Omnitrix points, he can change into more alien bodies. He starts out being able to change into Four-Arms, XLR8 and Heatblast. As he progresses, he gets to become Wildvine and Cannonbolt.

Each alien body type has its own advantages. For example, Four-Arms can climb walls, Heatblast can extinguish fires and XLR8 can travel close to the speed of light. Each of these skills comes in handy during different stages of the game. Each alien also has five extra skills that Ben can buy using Omnitrix points he collects throughout the game. Each alien has an alien tech boost to purchase, which lets Ben stay in that alien body for a longer period of time, and a defense boost, which…well... boosts Ben’s defense.

There is a small hourglass in the top left of your screen that runs down as Ben spends time in the alien body. If it runs out, Ben goes back to his normal boy self. That is not to say Ben can’t kick some butt too. He just is not as good as the alien bodies. After Ben goes back to himself, the hourglass recharges and Ben can change into an alien again. As he fight enemies in an alien body, Ben can collect health upgrades as well as upgrades that refill that hourglass, which lets him stay in the alien body longer. Each alien body has three upgrades Ben can buy, each of which is activated by certain combinations of action keys.

It is a little tricky to use the special features at times, but players will get the hang of it quickly. Each time an alien uses their special features, they use up their action power, represented by a yellow power bar just under the red health bar. It refills rapidly, though, so don’t worry!

Players will enjoy my favorite alien, XLR8. He is awesome! From his flying tumble kicks to his lighting quick speed, he has the best skills out of all of the aliens, in my opinion. He can travel around the Earth at lightning speed, returning in a flash that hurts all enemies in the area. He also has the ability to use his jump speed vertically, so he can jump straight up really far to scale high walls. He can also glide when he jumps, letting him jump far distances.

The graphics for Ben 10 are amazing, as are the sound effects. The music is from the cartoon, with the catchy Ben 10 theme song playing in the background. Game play is very simple, with one screen playing the actual game, and the touch screen controlling Ben and his alien bodies. To change bodies, simply touch the center Omnitrix button, which changes Ben back to normal, then rotate the Omnitrix wheel to the alien body you want. Touch the center button again and Ben is now that alien. My only complaint about the game is that you cannot save your progress when you want, only when you complete a level.

The levels get more difficult as the game progresses. The bad guys you fight get bigger and badder, especially in the last level. Vigilax, the final alien, is TOUGH! But with Gwen and Grandpa Max’s help, Ben will prevail and save the Earth!

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