BIC America Extra Coverage Wite Out Brand Correction Fluid (BICWOFEC12WHI) Reviews

BIC America Extra Coverage Wite Out Brand Correction Fluid (BICWOFEC12WHI)

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Bic Wite Out Extra Coverage is Great for Touching Up Knicks in White Furniture!

Jun 21, 2012
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Pros:Covers knicks in white furniture well
Covers ink well
Quick drying

Cons:Strong Odor
Dangerous if inhaled

The Bottom Line: Most consumers purchase Bic Wite Out for correcting written errors.  However, it works great on touching up white furniture!

I’ve read some older Epinion’s reviews on Bic Wite Out and they were all negative reviews.  Some of the cons were:  clumps, takes a long time to dry, horrible scent. 

Actually, I went to the pharmacy to purchase Wite Out, not to cover up mistakes on paper, but to touch up the new white bedroom set I had delivered recently.

There was a tiny chip on the headboard and a chip that I created when I dropped the tape measure on the new chest while hanging a picture.  I thought of using white paint, but I knew I couldn’t find a paint brush small enough to use to cover the knicks in the wood.

I haven’t purchased wite out for years being all my writing is done on the computer, so I didn’t even know what brand to purchase.  The pharmacy carried only one brand, Bic.  However there were two choices:  regular white out and extra coverage white out.  I purchased the latter and there are no tell tale signs of chips in my new bedroom set!

After reading all the negative reviews regarding clumping and a long drying time, I decided to use Bic Wite Out Extra Coverage on paper before attempting to use it on my furniture.

It covered my doodling well.  It didn’t clump and dried within seconds.
I could write on the wite out with no problem.   Perhaps the formula has been improved since the previous reviews were published or the reviewers had older bottles.

Bic Wite Out Extra Coverage is contained in a white, .7 fl. oz. plastic bottle with a white twist off cap.  The front of the bottle is orange and green.

Upon removing the cap, you will find a triangular sponge attached to the bottom.  I remember the old wite outs that had a brush on the end of the cap, so I find the triangular sponge to be an improvement.

The wite out itself has the consistency of a thin liquid.  The bottle is to be shaken well before use.

The wite out does have a strong scent, and I remember kids in high school sniffing it to get high.  Now, they are sniffing other things, but that’s another story.

My Experience:
I shook the wite out well, cleaned off the sponge tip on the edge of the bottle, and applied it to the knicks on the white furniture.  To my dismay, it totally covered the damage and was the perfect match in color.

As a trial on paper, I doodled onto a tablet.  I applied a thin strip of the wite out over the pen marks, and it covered the ink completely without clumping.  It dried quickly and I was able to write over it with a pen within a few seconds.

I imagine if I keep this bottle of wite out around for a few months, it may begin to clump.  If this happens, the product is so inexpensive, I would toss it out and purchase a new bottle.

My Take:
All in all, I am very pleased with the performance of Bic Wite Out Extra Coverage.  It not only served me well covering the knicks in my white furniture, but I know I can count on this product if I ever need to cover up mistakes, i.e. check book errors, etc.

I paid $2.89 for a .7 fl. oz. bottle of Bic Wite Out Extra Coverage at my local Rite Aid pharmacy.

Warnings: (on the back of the bottle)
Keep away from fire or flame.
Keep away from children.
Do not swallow or inhale.
Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling can be harmful or fatal.

I will rate Bic Wite Out Extra Coverage as four stars due to the offensive odor and the danger of misuse by inhaling.

Thank you for reading my review.

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