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BIC America MP11 Mechanical Pencil (070330900851)

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My Pet Elephant George Likes BIC Mechanical Pencils

Apr 18, 2003
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Pros:Cheap, eraser-licious, distinguised

Cons:Breaks easily, not snooty enough for some people, no rubber grip

The Bottom Line: 1:50 AM and I find myself writing a review about mechanical pencils. Why?

BIC mechanical pencils have never let me down. When every new school year rolls around, I head out to my local Target and buy me a dozen of these suckers. Simple, sleek and sturdy, they get the job done.

Packaged in a small plastic bag in sets of 12 (and in sets of 5), these pencils come in 0.7 mm (black) or 0.5 mm (gray). I prefer the 0.5 mm for the finer elements of writing that I enjoy. They are easily found at any office supply store, discount store, and even many grocery stores.

The pencils are made out of plastic. Each one comes with three strips of lead, and a lovely white eraser that’s removable for easy replacement of lead (graphite?) By pushing down on the eraser, the advancement of lead takes place, and there are no worries of searching desperately for a pencil sharpener with traditional, boring wooden pencils. Who uses those anymore these days? Oh yeah, I do.

Keep in mind, these pencils are not fancy. They have no fancy rubber grips. I’m not picky about these sorts of things, and find these are comfortable enough for long periods of writing. Others may disagree.

A purely marvelous feature of these pencils is the fact that each one has a clip with a different color. One for each mood! The clip is easily broken off though.

Refills are easily found. Just find a refill of lead of either 0.5 mm or 0.7 mm, and you’re good to go. And of course the lead is #2 for those lovely scantron tests everyone is subjected to these days. The lead flows across paper very nicely, something I rather enjoy. Heh. Heh. Heh…….heh?

Currently, I have at least 20 of these babies lying around my room. If I lose one, I’m not devastated. They’re cheap and easily found.

Overall, I recommend these pencils to people looking for something inexpensive, reliable, and that writes with a nice, sharp line.

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