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BIC America Round Stic Pens Round Stic Pen Medium Point White Barrel

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+$6.95 shipping Sears
+$6.95 shipping Sears

An Authors gripe, I mean grip-- the pen silly !

Nov 10, 2010 (Updated Nov 10, 2010)
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Pros:Inexpensive. Bold. Rich color. Non toxic. No smell. Lasts longer capped between uses

Cons:Leaks in warmer temps. Does not come in purple. Can't write on glass

The Bottom Line: Cheaper non-retractable throw away pen. Smooth, no glob, no smell. Does not stain clothes if immediately rinsed in water. Comes in pack of ten

You know if income possibilities keep nose-diving here I will have to go back to the old fashioned way of peddling my written works. I will be left to my onion-skinned paper and writing utensils. Ah the desk and confines of a writers space. Cheap, easy to grip, writes smooth and leaves no goop behind. The incredible BIC America Round Stic Pen Medium Point White Barrel is my recommended writing utensil should the other avenues of written communication fail.

Now on with the review . . .


It is kind of unique that I can write something in this box because you would think absorbing only restricted itself to minerals and foodstuffs. A piece of paper is the absorbee and quite excited about the position.

You see the ink is very concentrated, takes to the cotton fibers of paper quite effectively. The drying time is a few seconds and the smudgy factor, not existent. BIC America Round Stic Pen Medium Point White Barrel ink won’t soak through leaving a wet spot but it will penetrate onion skin parchment with finesse.


Bic is established itself in 1945 by a man named Marcel Bich. Using a rigorous control system set up in the workplace the employees of his well-staffed facilities began insuring quality products be delivered nationwide.

The products undergo performance testing in areas of combustion, leakage and tolerances. These are measured in microns, and before any consumer even sees them, they undergo numerous quality evaluations. BIC America Round Stic Pen Medium Point White Barrel  is guaranteed that each one meets or exceeds the requirements of the international standards originally facilitated by Marcel himself.

Although the retractable pen is most popular, this type is well suited for my writing needs.


Hopefully the picture accompanying this review shows five or six different pens. The colors are blue, red, green, and black all delivering vibrant barrel contents color. For cheap you get bold color, pressurability to sign three sheets thick, and saturation to assure permanence is ink deep. If you must tap it like most cheaper brands, once started the flow is greatly improved.


I guess the only problem I have with this pen is that it can leak from tip when uncapped and left in warmer temperatures; however lucky for clothes it does not permanently stain.

|| OUTER HOUSING/ the Casing ||

Tiny even for the smaller fingers of petite women, this barrel is sleek, all white with small black lettering. It seems quite bendable and light-weight almost as if a quill were writing your words upon the page. Be grateful the construction of the barrel is better than the cap, the barrel is way more durable lasting you the life of your BIC , or at least until the ink runs out. The color of the cap and the plug at the end show you the color of the ink your pen will write with.


I enjoy the rich bold color that the ink in this pen delivers. You can read it from far and because it does not smudge upon drying, it is permanent.


I have written with the black one, the red one and the blue one of this BIC America Round Stic Pen Medium Point White Barrel and was grateful these actually work. The BIC round stick medium black is a standard pen found in every office, every hospital drawer, every teachers school desk and hopefully book bags across America.

Versatile to write on most surfaces except glass, waxed papers or some parchments and shiny wrapping papers. I appreciate here in the United States, it is one of an authors writing instruments best sellers, the BIC !

I don’t recommend going out and spending beaucoup bucks on a great pen if you don’t have to. If the ‘lost pen search’ is one that occurs in your work space often, I would not want to be giving the lost and found a sizeable deposit; I’d rather spend less and write with more.

Thank you for reading and

Enjoy !

lean n mean @ 657 words

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