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Bingo Bash - A fast paced Bingo App for iPhone and iPad

Aug 28, 2012 (Updated Oct 23, 2013)
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Pros:Fun Graphics and Game Play

Cons:a bit too fast

The Bottom Line: Bingo Bash is a Fast Paced Bingo Game. I would prefer if it was slowed down a bit but still enjoy a game or two each night.

Bingo Bash is a fun game for the iPad or iPhone but it does have a few things that to me would make the game better. I like Bingo but I think the games are a little too fast. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you will want to play with four cards. The problem is that the numbers are called so fast it is hard to find them before the next number comes up. It would be nice if they had some slower paced rooms in addition to the faster ones.

To Play Bingo Bash you need to be connected to the internet to play bingo bash. You can play on your iPhone, iPad, or on Facebook.

Downloading the App

The app is available for free at the App Store for iPhone or iPad. Each application is basically the same game but the layout on your screen will be different. The iPad is more spread out whereas the iPhone is more streamlined so that the game takes up the whole screen when you open it. I have been able to switch back and forth from iPhone to iPad but sometimes I have to log into facebook again to get the games to update.

Bingo Bash Description

Basics: Bingo Bash is a traditional type Bingo Game that you can play in a room with other users. The number of Bingos available will depend on how many people are playing in the room. It does seem that often even with four cards I do not get a bingo. There are Power Plays that you can earn that when played might improve your chances of winning. Each game room has a different theme including graphics and music. I find the music a little annoying in some of the games. The Bingo caller calls the letters and numbers and I find that since the game is so fast I need to listen rather than look at the numbers. There is a chart that shows called numbers but if you stop to look at that you will be way far behind. You can buy 1-4 cards. I would suggest starting with one card at a time until you get the hang of it. I find it difficult to play 4 cards on the iPhone because of the size of the screen but I can do it on the iPad.

Options: If you click on the options tab you will see your Bingo Bash ID number. You can choose to allow notifications, turn background music on or off, and turn game sounds on or off. There is also a link to rate the game, sign on or off Facebook, or send the app to your friends via email. 

Daily Spin
: Each Day you get a free spin for free bingo chips, coins, or power plays. If you stop by on consecutive days you can get extra bonus' I have also gotten a bonus for visiting more than once in a day.

Facebook Connect: If you connect with your friends on Facebook you can send and receive gifts with your friends. It would be fun if you could also play in rooms with your facebook friends but hopefully they will add that for the future.

Sending and Receiving Gifts: You can send and receive gifts from Facebook friends using the App on the iPhone or iPad or on Facebook. I find it easier to do the gifts on Facebook as the App takes longer to load. I can send out more gifts on facebook. Plus on Facebook it will pull up your list and there is an option for picking just your friends who play Bingo Bash.

Switching between Devices: Bingo bash seems to update with the current totals as long as you are logged in to your Facebook Account.

Bingo Chips: To play you need bingo chips. You get some for free each day and can also win them through game play. Your friends can send you bingo chips or you can buy them. Each game has a different number of bingo chips required for each game. You can also get bingo chips as a bonus for leveling up. If you run out of Bingo Chips and can not wait for the next day to get more free, have your friends send them to you for free or you can buy them. Bingo Chips in my opinions are way too high priced. You can buy 20 chips for $1.99. This will buy you about one game of 4 cards with a few chips left over. To me that is way too high for a few minutes of game play. You can get 50 for $2.99, 100 for $5.99, 200 for $11.99, 500 for 29.99 or 1000 for $59.99. If you feel the need to buy Bingo Chips I would suggest purchasing a larger package to get more bang for your buck. I have never bought any Bingo chips.

Coins: You earn Coins for playing the game. You don't have to get a bingo to get coins but you get more if you do call Bingo. You can use the Coins to buy power ups. If you want to buy coins you can get 2400 coins for $1.99. You can get about 15 powers ups for that amount. Frankly I have never run out of coins to buy power ups because you get them in game play and you can only use so many power ups. They also offer larger amounts but again I just can not see the need to buy coins. Their best value is 120,000 coins for $59.99 I am not sure what you would do with the coins though so save your money.

Power Plays: Power Plays can be used during play but only at certain times and they are given out randomly for those that you own. You can not buy certain power plays, they are given out randomly. My favorite power play is the "Instant Bingo" Depending on the game you are playing it will either give you an instant bingo or fill up, approx 4 squares on most cards. The next best is the Chip Cell which will randomly fill in some squares. It can help you get a bingo sooner. I find that if I wait until I nearly have bingo to use the power play when it's showing that I increase my chances of the power play resulting in a Bingo. The other four power plays give you extra gems, freecells, coins, or a money bonus. If you run out of Power Plays you can buy more with coins.

Gems: During game play you can get different colored gems. You can turn gems in for power plays or bingo chips. You can also use coins to buy Gems but I do not see the point when you can just buy Power Plays directly with the coins.

Leveling up: As you play you will get experience points toward leveling up. As you level up you will get bonus points or Bingo Chips as rewards. Leveling up also allows you access to more Bingo Rooms.

Collections: When you play in one room and call a bingo you can sometimes win a piece of a collection. These little awards when added together will earn you more daily free Bingo chips. On each game you can see the collection and click on it to see how many pieces you have. The collections consist of 12 items. When you complete the collection move on to another game to try to get that collection.

Help: There is a help screen that gives you basic information about the game. This is helpful and easy to find.

Wonder Rooms and Feature Rooms: There are two groups of rooms. Each group has several bingo rooms to choose from. Each room has different rules. The game room shows what is required to get a bingo and shows how many people are playing and how many bingos are available to win. You can see the cost of the cards and all this info before you give up your bingo chips. When you first start playing you can only get in a couple rooms. As you level up you can access other rooms.

Speed of number calling: My only complaint about this game is that they call off the numbers way too fast. I can not play bingo and watch TV or have a conversation with my husband at the same time. I need to turn everything off and concentrate or I get way behind. I wish they had some slower rooms.

Chat Feature: Each game room has a chat feature, but games are so fast that it is hard to find time to chat so there is not a lot of talking in the rooms.

Final Thoughts and Rating

I enjoy playing Bingo Bash but feel that maybe with time they will work out some of the details to offer slower game play in certain rooms. It is just too fast and chips go down quickly. While I like the game I would like it better if it was a more relaxed pace. Buying extra Bingo Chips is a big pricey for what you get and you do run out of the free ones rather quickly. I would give this game 3.5 stars but will round up to 4 stars since the game is a lot of fun with unique sounds, music and graphics.

Thanks for Reading my Review

I hope you enjoyed learning about Bingo Bash. If you have questions or comments please leave them in the comments section.



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