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Biotene Moisturizing Mouth Spray (048582001558)

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Biotene Moisturizing Mouth Spray 1.5 fl oz

May 10, 2011
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Pros:I can't find a single one

Cons:It doesn't work as stated.

The Bottom Line: Not something you want to waste your money on.

For years I have had a dry mouth and I start coughing and drinking a lot water to try to keep it moist but it doesn't seem to help.  Even after having oral surgery I was told that they didn't know what caused the problem, but they fixed the original problem I had to have surgery for.  Sill dry mouth.

Some mornings I wake up like I have a mouth full of cotton balls.  The dry mouth doesn't happen just in the morning, but throughout the day and the problem is getting really annoying.  Your tongue feels like it is sticking to the roof of your mouth.  You can only hold so much water or you feel like you are sloshing around.

One evening I saw a commercial on TV about Biotene Moisturizing Mouth Spray 1.5 fl oz and how it's supposed to help with the dry mouth and how everyone that used it was helped and that they wouldn't be without it. 

The company says Complete Oral Moisturizer for Maximum Hydration and Protection.
Refreshes & Moistens Instantly Helps Keep Mouth Odor-Free Protects Up to 2 Hours
Fresh Mint
Recommended Brand by Dentists & Hygienists
A New Source of Moisture For the Comfort And Health of Your Mouth.
Restores Mouth Moisture 2 Hour Action* Soothes and Refreshes Sugar-Free Contains Patented Salivary Enzymes Helps Protect Against Odor-Causing BacteriaAll of these claims are what interested me.  Even an hour at a time would help because I am so fed up with having a dry mouth so I purchased a spray bottle.  I figured that would be easier for me to carry in my purse than a mouthwash type bottle.  The spray is watery and I thought it would be a little thicker when I first sprayed.  Even with shaking the bottle the spray was still watery.  What a disappointment.

The directions state:  Shake twice before use.  Spray directly into mouth whenever relief is needed.

Bells should have gone off in my head that when you can use as needed, it isn't going to be a long term solution to the problem.

The spray say that it is a mint flavor, but it seems to be more of a fruity flavor which reminds me of those little sticks with foam on them that hospitals use after you have had surgery to help with keeping your mouth lubricated.  Those didn't work for me; I wanted something different like ice or a few sips of water.

I tried the Biotene Moisturizing Mouth Spray 1.5 fl oz the first time, after 15 minutes, my mouth was as dry once again so I tried the spray again.  It worked for around thirty minutes this time.  It seemed that all I was doing was spraying trying to keep my mouth and throat lubricated.

The cost of the Biotene Moisturizing Mouth Spray 1.5 fl oz is around $6.00 and to me that is costly when you only get a few minutes of relief. 

In the future I won't be purchasing the Biotene Moisturizing Mouth Spray 1.5 fl oz.  It just doesn't work for me.

This is one product that I can't recommend to anyone.

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