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Bissell 9200 ProHeat 2X Cleaner

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Cleans carpet, doesn't clean itself....

Aug 22, 2009
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Pros:Everything, it does what it says, easy to use, and not real expensive.

Cons:Could be easier to clean out, maybe a detachable brushroll?

The Bottom Line: Cleans well, built solid, easy to use, reasonable price, I really like it! Everyone knows heat cleans better than tap water. This is a great buy.

This is a good  buy, no, a GREAT buy if you can get a reconditioned one like I did at Big Lots. It cleans carpet well, and it's pretty easy on the back. It's not really heavy to use, and very easy once you read the manual. I had a regular Hoover with the spin brushes before this one, and we got our money's worth out of it. But when it finally bit the dust after 8 years, I wanted to try the heated water version. cleans the carpets, doesn't seem to leak like the Hoover did. have a crappy vacuum cleaner like me, and the Proheat gets all clogged up with pet hair halfway through the room. So of you have hairy pets, just make sure you vaccum really really well BEFORE you clean the carpet. Makes a huge difference. It does pick up alot of pet hair, and that's a good thing, but means more work in cleaning it out of the intake while your doing the carpets.
I can also say I do prefer the horizontal brushrolls on this over the spin brushes on the Hoover. They seem to clean a more even path, and they pick up more pet hair, rather than grinding it back into the carpet. Also they are not as apt to wear out, the spin brushes are very mechanical, with gears and whatnot. Brushrolls are pretty basic and belt driven. Easier to replace a tiny belt than a whole mechanism in my opinion.

Not alot to say except I'm really happy with this unit, and I'm hoping it lasts as long as the Hoover did. I looked up on the www for reviews on how to clean it out when you're done with it. And the general consensus is that the after-cleanout is extremely important to the longevity of these things. In other words, if you want it to perform well and last a long time, CLEAN IT OUT after every time you use it.
I found it pretty simple to remove the screws (about 6 or 7) holding the bottom intake and brushroll apparatus. The brushrolls come off easily, but pay close attention to how they come off so you can get them back on. Take a picture if you have to, it could be complicated if you're not big on putting stuff back together. The top part with the bladder, you can just rinse that out in the sink, and use the sink squirter to spray the top intake clean.
That being said, I had it apart, cleaned out and back together within 15 minutes or so, with a cordless drill/screwdriver to speed it up.
There are a wide range of models of the Proheat available. I think this is the basic level of the newer line.It does not have the Clean Shot thing on the handle, but it does have 4 settings to control how much soap is being dispensed, including a RINSE setting for no soap at all. Also it does come with a hand tool, it's not the powered brushroll one, but it does come in handy for alot of things. Car seats, quick spill cleanups, upholstery, etc.

I would buy this again, and I wish I had bought it sooner. We don't use it alot, since we have alot of wood floor and not much carpet. But I think it's a great investment, since professional cleaners and even the rentals are so expensive these days.

There are mixed reviews on these things. All I can say about that is...if you speed through the cleaning of your carpet, it won't really get clean and no machine is going to be any better than another if you don't GO SLOW and take your time. That being said, it's built pretty solid, and it does a great job for me....

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