A good clean, but buyer beware...

Jan 6, 2013
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Pros:heats water, placing water and soap is relatively easy, does clean pet stains, affordable

Cons:pulls tufts of carpet up, requires a little strength to push

The Bottom Line: For the price this Bissell is a nice carpet cleaner but it pulls up parts of my carpet and that is a hassle.

Why I have this product
I purchased the Bissell Pro Heat after we acquired dogs in our home. Most dog products (like odor removes or deterrent sprays to make puppy stop going potty in the house) don't actually clean carpets they just mask the sent of urine or other pet problems on carpet. We got tired of renting products and after reading about Bissell's line of products we decided on the Pro Heat model.

This carpet cleaner is nice but a bit bulky. I didn't realize I would need to put in extra force in order to push the thing when there is water and soap inside. And if you are wanting to use this in a multi-story home, you are better off getting something else. Its far too heavy to lug up and down stairs in my personal opinion.

For my personal purposes I do not use the attachments included with this product so I will not comment on them. I thought it was convenient upon purchase but as stated above, I have had no reason to use them as of yet.

Filling the water tank and the soap dispensing tank requires little to no effort. Both tanks are easily removed from the vacuum and are just as easy to reattach without spilling. I have used other carpet cleaning units that required luck and skill in order to avoid sloshing or spilling the water from their tanks so the easy of filling this unit is very nice.

When it comes to using the Bissell, it can be a challenge. I am a petite woman and so I have to add a bit of extra force in order to push this thing across my carpet. The controls are easy to use and I love the heater option! The added heat really gets those tough stains out of the carpet. But by far the worst part of owning this unit is that it pulls little tufts of carpet up every time I shampoo the carpet. Even on the lightest cleaning setting, I have to wait for the carpet to dry and then go over my carpet with a regular vacuum to suck up all the carpet that the Bissell left behind. This fact alone is why I will probably avoid using it weekly for fear that I will have no carpet left in my living room area.

Also this Bissell was affordable which plays a factor into keeping the unit (even though it pulls my carpet). I use it about once to twice a month so the problems I do have with this cleaner out-weight the option to get rid of it and buy something else. I purchased this at a local retail store for $150.

Overall Opinion
I give this product a thumb up and a thumb down. I hate that it tugs up my carpet, but the quality of clean you get from the unit coupled with the affordable price earns this Bissell 9200 Pro Heat a neutral rating. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone but it is a nice and affordable option.

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