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Black & Decker CBM210 Electric Grinder

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Inexpensive, but effective

Nov 26, 2009 (Updated Nov 27, 2009)
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Pros:inexpensive, reasonably consistent grind, and better than a blade grinder

Cons:still some fines, and some grounds find their way under the container and onto counter

The Bottom Line: Good for the price, and the resultant grind makes a good cup of coffee.

When I saw this a few weeks ago for a good price at Target I picked it up to see what the fuss of burr grinders is all about. I have had a blade grinder for years, but using it with a french press or even a drip coffee maker (with a permanent filter) caused a fair amount of sediment in the cup, because with blade grinders the grind is inevitably uneven. Even when shaken during grinding, I ended up with very coarse pieces mixed with dust. Burr grinders are supposed to be more consistent in grind, but are usually priced higher than I would like to pay.

The machine is an attractive stainless steel that looks good next to my coffee maker and isn't out of place as a permanent fixture on the counter.  It has a hopper at the top and a clear grounds container below. A dial at the side allows adjusting the grounds from coarse to fine. Adding coffee to the hopper and closing the cover, all one must do is press (and hold) the power button and hopper cover and wait for the grounds to be generated. Some final beans tend to bounce around for a while and the grinding process takes a bit longer than I thought it would, pulsing the power button towards the end helps a bit with that tendency.

The coffee comes out in a clear plastic cup with a lid on it, which you remove to access the grounds. Most of the grounds look fairly consistent, but there are a small amount of fines that tend to stick just below the cover on the front of the container.

The first cup of coffee made with this grinder was surprisingly much better than my usual, smoother and less bitter. After a couple weeks, I am still happy with my purchase.

One annoyance with this device is the grounds handling, it seems impossible to use it without getting grounds all over the counter - they sneak under the container and end up in front of the unit. The unit comes with a small cleaning brush that is to be used if the grounds interfere with replacing the grounds container - it seems that this could be avoided if they gave more thought to how the grounds exit the mill.

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