Black & Decker CCS818 Chain Saw (028877578712) Reviews

Black & Decker CCS818 Chain Saw (028877578712)

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Cordless Chain Saw

Oct 3, 2010 (Updated Oct 3, 2010)
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Pros:You do not have to worry about a cord and it is easy to carry.

Cons:The oil will sometimes leak. It is best to keep the saw in a garage.

The Black & Decker Cordless Chain Saw cuts easily and quickly through dry and dead limbs. You may also use it for logs.

The Oil
When the cordless chain came through shipping, the oil reservoir was empty.You have to fill the saw with SAE30 weight motor oil. For best results, you should keep the reservoir over half full. If you do not, that will allow excessive oil to drip out of oiling outlet. Oil seems to drip anyway. I do not think it will hurt anything.

The ChainYou have to put the chain into the saw and make sure the chain direction is correct. I can tell that the chain is tight if there is no sag in the chain. You will know if the chain is not put into the saw correctly because it will barely cut. When you use the chain, you should keep it running at full speed the entire time you are cutting. You should use only light pressure.

The Battery and Charger
You will receive a charger for the battery. The directions tell you to let the battery charge up to 3 to 9 hours. You should insert it into the chainsaw until it clicks into place. 

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You can use the Black & Decker CCS818 chainsaw for cutting wood, logs, branches and while cleaning up after storms. The 8-inch cutting bar and chain o...
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