Best toothache medicine to carry in your pocket

Jan 25, 2010
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Pros:Affordable, easy to use, and lasts a long time

Cons:The brush needs to be rinsed after use, not hard to do.

The Bottom Line: Great idea, easy to use,long lasting , No horrible taste, right price!

Its works for hours at a time with one application! It has a brush that puts the medicine right where you need it and it stays there. I can even apply it in the car on the way to work and it lasts until I get home at night. I deffinately recommend it for anyone who cant get to the dentist right away. The brush applicator is soft and doesnt hurt teeth. I had a tooth that was broken in half and an exposed nerve and the brush didnt hurt the nerve like i expected. I love this stuff it was a life saver. I like the simple packaging and it isnt a flashy product which may be why Id never heard of it before. I rushed into a pharmacy and bought it after having severe pain on my way to work and couldnt believe I only had to apply it once during my work day. The pain was GONE within 15 seconds of application and I worked a full day without the pain coming back. You will have to rinse the brush under hot water between uses but its worth it. Way better than using a qtip or your finger especially if you have to reach a tooth in the back of your mouth. It doesnt taste bad or smell bad and it doesnt cause excessive drooling like Oragel does. I hope they never discontinue this product. I would like to see something like this for children because it would be much easier to use this with my kids than the traditional messy tubes that childrens toothache medicine comes in.

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