Blow Out 4-Ounce Intense Muscle Activator

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Need Some Muscle Magic? Give Blow Out Intense Muscle Activator A Try

Sep 3, 2003 (Updated Aug 21, 2006)
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Pros:Temporary muscle enlargement, possible spot fat reduction.

Cons:Effects are only temporary, messy to apply.

The Bottom Line: Blow Out works, but don't expect miracles or long lasting results.

Performance Brands is one of the largest companies in the no-sun tanning business. They made their mark with products like 2 Minute Tan and Night Tan and have one of the most effective lines of airbrush tanning products. With all the concern about skin cancer and the aging effects that the sun can have on skin, more and more people are turning to these types of products. In the bodybuilding world, it is a staple for competitions and pre judging. You worked hard on building those muscles so it makes sense that you would want them to look their best and have the most definition possible. Their most popular product in regards to pre contest preparation has to be Hot Stuff but I really think that Blow Out is going to give it some real competition. I’ve used this a few times prior to working out [great for when you are training legs and want to see some real results] and have had a tremendous amount of experience applying it to others and seeing how it’s worked wonders [and failed a few times] and how to use it properly to maximum your existing muscle.

The difference between Hot Stuff and Blow Out is basic. Hot Stuff heats up the muscle and provides a little spot reduction of body fat but that isn’t its true purpose, it’s touted as a vasodilation optimizer [also known as vasodilatation] which is basically a compound that allows the capillaries to expand in response to heat and increasing the blood flow in the treated area. Blow Out helps to slightly and temporarily increase the size of the muscle by allowing the capillaries to expand and give the muscle a fuller look. One product is for defining the muscle group while the other is for making the grouping look fuller and larger. Both can be used for natural body building shows and events but they need to be applied by someone who knows where they will work best, when the best time to apply them and how long the effects will be visible.

Now, that doesn’t mean that this is just for body builder and weight lifters, if you want to show off your muscle for a night out on the town, you can slap on a layer of this, allow it to dry and soak up the compliments – but just like Cinderella, make sure you make it out of the party before the clock strikes ten or you might have the girlies asking … where’s the beef? or more to the point … where the hell did those muscles go?. This is only a temporary muscle enhancer so don’t expect the results to be lasting. Most people who tried this were happy with the results but extremely disappointed when it started to wear off. Try to look at it in a positive light – you are getting a chance to see what you can look like in four to six weeks if you slap a few more plates on the bar and got for the burn.

How It Works

Have you ever used a muscle recovery cream? Something like Ben-Gay or Icy Hot? This is basically the same thing minus the smell. Yes, there is a smell but it’s not as strong [at least to me it isn’t] as similar products. The ingredients all work together to travel through the layers of skin and fat to the muscle grouping. The heat increases the blood flow by enlarging the size of the capillaries resulting in a temporary increase in size of the muscle area. If you have several layers of fat, you won’t see any results other than a patch of red skin from the heat dispensation. Basically you are raising the temperature of a certain area of your body, when this happens in the summer due to activity or sweating the capillaries expand to allow the body to regulate its temperature by distributing the heat and allowing it to travel to the skin and be released with sweat.


Vasculex: Propriety blending of blend of methyl nicotinate,
and methylsalicylate to help temporarily increase the blood flow in treated areas.
PEG-8: Standardized protein enhancer, helps to aid in the filling of the muscle. Also associated with some factors of human growth hormones [HGH].
DMDM Hydantoin: Used as a stabilizer to keep the ingredients in solution, protect them from separation and temperature extremes.
Capsisum Oleoresin: A combination of the capsisum herb in a oleoresin base. Capsisum helps to traffic the ingredients through the skin and subcutaneous fat to the muscle. Capsisum is also referred to as Capcisum in some cases. Oleoresin is a resin that helps to stabilize the mixture and ingredients and prevent it from separating.
Triethanolamine: Added to establish, regulate and balance the pH level of the product and as a stabilizer.
Methyl Salicylate: [oil of wintergreen] One of the warming properties of the product, helps to increase the temperature of the area it is applied to as well as increasing the circulatory functions.
Methyl Nicotinate: Heating property, increases circulation.

Other ingredients: deionized water, isopropyl alcohol.

Directions For Use

Apply a small amount of this product to the desired area, apply it to clean and dry skin that is free of any chemicals, oils or lotions. If possible, apply this while wearing gloves and dispose of them properly when finished. Rub in the solution until a majority of it has been absorbed into the skin [usually three to four minutes]. Exercise as usual and make a mental note of how quickly the product starts to work so you can have a time frame to work with next time. I’ve used this on my abdominal as well as on my legs and I have to say that after it was applied to my legs I had a very nice pump after deadlifting and squatting but it only lasted for a few hours and by morning, any inflation of the muscle was gone. You can expect your pump to last for three to four solid hours with a vast majority of it burning off in six hours. For posing or pre judging you will want to apply this thirty to forty five minutes before you are scheduled to hit the stage so you will still have the pump if there is a delay in calling your name or number.


You can look at spending anywhere from $14.99 to $18.99 for a four ounce bottle of Blow Out depending on where you shop. The manufacturers website is offering this for $16.99 plus shipping and handling so if you can’t find it locally, this is always an option. Depending on your size you should be able to get about a months worth of use out of this product but that isn’t carved in stone. Is it worth it? If you are natural body builder or just want a quick pump it is a good investment but you have to have something there to begin with – it isn’t “instant muscle” and will only maximize what you already have.


Like all products that stimulate your muscles, you have to be familiar with the ingredients as well as the side effects of using such a product. Since this is a “spot trainer”, meaning that it works on the targeted areas, there is little risk of it causing a drastic spike in body temperature but you should discontinue use of this if you feel overly warm or start to sweat profusely. The larger guys at the gym said that they had no real problems when using this to define their muscles or to achieve a nice pump but a few of the smaller guys said they experienced muscle cramps a few hours after using it. This is most likely due to a little dehydration and the muscle trying to rebound from the heating properties. When I used this I didn’t have any problems with it but the areas that it was applied to did get warm and feel tight.

Anyone that is heat sensitive or has had any troubles with heat stroke should check with a doctor before using this. Pregnant or breast-feeding women should not use this since there is a chance that it will cross the blood brain barrier and effect the quality of the breast milk. Since this is a topical cream that will target specific areas that it is applied to, most people think that is it completely safe. They are wrong, it is being absorbed into the system and minimal amounts of it will circulate through your system. Please read the label before using this and make yourself aware of the ingredients as well as what effect they will have on you. If you are concerned about any of the ingredients or properties of this product, consult your physician or a trained sports authority.

This is not meant for using on large areas of your body. If you do this you are running a real risk of increasing your overall body temperature and overloading your internal regulation system that could result in extreme dehydration. Don’t apply this to more than one muscle grouping [upper arms, quads, delts etc]. Only use this when you are getting ready to exercise, pose or for competitions otherwise you are wasting the product and your money. This is not a sunless tanner nor is it a sunscreen. If you are going to be using this outside make sure that you use a sunscreen to prevent sunburn – even more so if you are an extreme sweater.

The Bottom Line

I have a mixed take on this, in a lot of ways this product is nothing more than Algipan Rub, Ralgex or any of a number of other topical temporaory muscle enhancers and / or heat activators. In most cases these alternatives are less expensive and do the same exact thing – so essentially you are paying for a name and a fancy bottle. If the end result is the same, achieving a defined pump of a selected muscle grouping, then the product that is used should be of no real concern inless you are a “product purist” that is dedicated to a certain company or manufacturer. This product will give you a pump but you have to understand that it only works on established muslce – it won’t magically make muscles appear nor will it act as an anabolic steroid.

For more information about this product, direct ordering and to see what else Performance Brands offers, visit their official site at:

Performance Brands
959 Shotgun Road
Sunrise, Florida 33326

[800] 555-8895

As always, thanks for the visit …

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