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Sharper, Clearer Vision -- the Original Blublocker Sunglasses!

Oct 16, 2009
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Pros:lightweight nylon frame, polycarbonate lens, large lenses offer good protection from sun

Cons:easy to break

The Bottom Line: Our family likes these Blublocker Original Sunglasses even though we have durability concerns.

Blublocker Original Sunglasses have been used by members of our family for years.  The sunglasses have their good points, as well as some bad points.  Here is what we think about them.


Blublocker is advertised as providing sharper, clearer vision with less distortion.  The polycarbonate lenses also block UV and Blue Light rays.

They look like a traditional sunglass.  The large amber-colored lenses are surrounded by a narrow matte-black frame, and the glasses arms are thin.  The lightweight black frame is constructed from nylon.

Our Experiences

We own several pairs of Blublocker Original Sunglasses.  The amber-colored lenses block light differently than regular sunglasses.  I have used several brands and styles of sunglasses.  For me, the biggest difference when using the Blublocker glasses is that the color green drastically changes.  Vision is clearer and sharper when wearing the Blublockers.  Everyone in our family has driven while wearing Blublocker sunglasses, and we have never had a problem.  It is easy to see traffic light changes and the lighted controls in the car.

Since the lenses on these sunglasses are large, they offer good eye protection from the sun.  I also like that these glasses are designed to be easily worn with or without prescription glasses.  The lightweight frame sits well on the faces everyone in our family.  The glasses are comfortable.  Despite people in the family having different size face structures, these glasses fit all of us.

My biggest complaint about these glasses is their long-term durability.  Our family is exceptionally careful when it comes to eyewear.  We keep the Blublocker glasses in cases and do not abuse them.  No one has ever sat on them, thrown them to one side, or in any way harmed them.  Yet one pair, for no reason that we can determine, has a broken frame.  We own a different style of Blublockers as well, and those glasses have also broken.  It leaves us wondering about the craftsmanship and durability of Blublocker brand glasses.  Still, these Blublocker Original Sunglasses are nice and provide good eye protection from the sun.

Cleaning these sunglasses is also easy.  I don't know what the recommended cleaning process is, but we rinse these sunglasses in tap water and use a dab of Dawn dishwashing liquid to clean them when needed.


We paid around $19.95 a pair for these Blublocker sunglasses.


Blublocker Original Sunglasses have worked well for our family.  We liked them enough so that we purchased several pairs for other family members as gifts.  The only concern we have is regarding their durability.

I hope you found this review useful.

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