Blue Buffalo Spa Select Savory Seafood Stew Entre with Garden Vegetables Canned Cat Food Reviews

Blue Buffalo Spa Select Savory Seafood Stew Entre with Garden Vegetables Canned Cat Food

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Our Fussy Feline Likes It--Blue Buffalo's Spa Select Savory Seafood Stew

Aug 2, 2010
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Pros:Quality ingredients, Cat appeal, Lacks strong fish smell

Cons:Not all cats will like this, but it's worth trying

The Bottom Line: Not all cats will like Blue Buffalo's Spa Select Savory Seafood Stew, but ours does and I like the quality ingredients and that she's eagerly eating this food.

With Iams' current canned cat food recall underway we've been forced to explore options from other providers. Our cat is extremely finicky (isn't that the definition of a cat) and has a limited list of what she'll eat in the selection of canned cat foods. She prefers chunky, kibble-style, moist food over pate-style foods. She has been resistant to anything with fish but over the past few months that has changed.

She gave in to the Science Diet Culinary Creations but we found the Iams canned Adult Filets less expensive and apparently tastier. She loves them, especially the chicken. They're currently not available because of a huge (voluntary) recall. Right now she's eating Blue Buffalo's Spa Select Feline Cuisine, Savory Seafood Stew and loving the flavor/texture experience. I mean, she's gobbling it all up within moments.  When your picky, less-than ten pound adult cat eats with enthusiasm you pay attention.

What I've found:
The ingredient list is encouraging. The Savory Seafood Stew begins with Ocean Fish, Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Fish Meal and Shrimp.  This definitely appeals to our cat, the carnivore. Other ingredients provide complex carbohydrates in a digestible form. The lengthy list reads like a vitamin bottle but the food provides amino acids, trace minerals and vitamins necessary for a healthy diet.

In the store:
Knowing our cat isn't fond of pate-style foods I asked if anyone knew about the texture of this stew. They, unknowing, confidently stated this was a chunky stew. It's not what I'd consider a chunky stew, it's ground but no where near the same texture of a pate. Small visible chunks of vegetables appear mixed in with the ground meat. The smell isn't an over-powering fish and that seems to be her preference.

The can has some interesting promises: Real Fish, No chicken or poultry by-products, No corn/wheat/soy, and No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.  "Blue Spa Select is naturally healthy, incredibly delicious and will delight even the fussiest of felines."

We've offered strong-smelling fish foods and the only one interested in that has been the dog (any of our dogs who've wandered around with their Labrador noses straight up in the air as they try to locate the delicious smell's source). Our cat has completely ignored strong smelling fishy cat food and has preferred chicken (not necessarily beef).

If you find yourself looking for an affordable substitute to a favorite canned cat food, either to provide variety or because of a recall or temporary unavailability, consider the Blue Buffalo Spa Select Savory Seafood Stew. I'm aware that not all cats will like this, but my Miss Fickle miss does and that's what matters to us. This appears a quality canned cat food that provides the necessary nutrition we seek. Our capricious cat is not only eagerly devouring this but currently seems to have a renewed interest in all food.

For a complete and up-to-date list of their ingredients and guaranteed analysis visit the website.

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