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OBD II Scanner What a Time Saver

Jan 1, 2011 (Updated Jan 1, 2011)
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Pros:Saves time and money.

Cons:Can be expensive.

The Bottom Line: Saves you time and money on your vehicle maintenance.

My husband is a mechanic and thought this tool would be a pretty cool addition to his already growing tool variety. The BluePoint OBD2 scan tool YA3160 helps pinpoint where and what the problem is with your vehicle. I learn something new about this product every time I see it used. This scanner is a great way to diagnose the problem with your vehicle quickly and get repairs started even faster.

Even though I have only had to use this scanner a couple times it has proven to be a valuable tool. It is a pain when your car breaks down and you don’t know why. You may begin with starting to fix the obvious problem. Then it turns out it wasn’t a problem at all. You end up spending a few hundred bucks on things you think could be the problem and all you end up with is a broken car and empty wallet. This tool helps direct you to where the repair is needed. My husband got his from Snap-On. It is made by Blue-Point. It is strong and durable. Made with excellent materials. Not the cheap stuff that is going to break in a week. My scanner cost me roughly $350. This is through Snap-on though. You can find it in other locations for cheaper prices but you will not get the high quality product and the warranty probably won’t be the same either. If you are looking for a good scanner that will last get yours from Snap-On made by Blue-Point.

OBD2 Scan Tool
CAN OBD2 Cable
PC- link Cable
Generic PC Link Software
English Manual
Spanish Manual
French Manual
Soft Pouch

What is OBD?
This tool is designed to work on all vehicles that are OBD2 compliant. All cars, light trucks, and SUV’s sold in the US since 1996 are OBD2 compliant. OBD stands for “OnBoard Diagnostics.” Here is how the OBD system works. When a problem occurs with your vehicle the computer in your car turns on the check engine light. The computer sets a DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE {DTC} to find out where the problem is coming from. This special tool , the OBD2 Scan Tool, is needed to get the code and know where to start the repairs.

The OBD2 has the additional ability to get enhanced codes from most Chrysler/Jeep, GM, Ford, Mazda, and Isuzu. The type of enhanced data depends on the make and model of the vehicle.

Federal Law required that all 1996 and newer cars sold in the US including all domestic, Asian, and European vehicles must be OBD2 compliant. Even though laws didn’t require it some 1994 and 1995 vehicles are OBD2 compliant. To find out if a 1994 or 1995 vehicle is compliant all you have to do is check the VECI Label {Vehicle Emissions Control Information}. This label can be found under the hood by the radiator in most vehicles. If the vehicle is OBD2 compliant the label will say “OBDII Certified”

The government also made all OBD2 compliant vehicles have a sixteen-pin DLC {Data Link Connector}. This connector is usually under the dash within one foot of the center of the dash on the driver’s side. There are some vehicles where the DLC is located behind the ashtray or far left corner of the dash. These are mostly Asian and European vehicles.

How to use?
Anybody can operate the OBD2 Scan Tool. First, make sure the ignition is off and plug the scan tool into the test connector. This is usually under the dash on the driver side. Next, turn the ignition on and press the “link” button. The scan tool gets the codes, the freeze frame data and the I/M readiness status. All this information is shown on the display screen. The system status is shown with LED indicator lights. You can see the code definitions form the scanners display screen. Most important thing to remember is to be sure the ignition is off before connecting or disconnecting the scanner to prevent any damage to the scan tool and the vehicles electronic components.

When the battery symbol is displayed or when the three LEDs are all lit but no data is visible it is time to change the battery. Just take the back battery cover off and replace the three AA size batteries. Put the cover back on and you are ready to go.

Adjustments and Settings
The OBD2 scanner can be adjusted to suit your needs. These adjustments can only be made when the scanner is not connected to a vehicle. You can adjust the screen brightness, the DTC Library, display black light, language, and units of measurement.

Controls and Indicators
Power/Link Button- While not connected to a vehicle this button turns the scanner on by holding the button down for three seconds. When the scanner is connected to a vehicle this button is used to link the scanner to the vehicles computer memory to retrieve the diagnostic data.

Erase Button- This button erases the codes and data from your vehicles computer and resets the status.
Enter/Live Data Button- This button confirms a selection or value when in menu mode. This button is used to put the scan tool in “live data” mode when connected to a vehicle.

DTC Scroll Button- When more than one DTC is present this button scrolls the display screen. 

Up and Down Buttons- In the menu mode these buttons scroll up and down through the menu and submenu options. 

Green LED Indicator- Tells you that all systems are running correctly.

Yellow LED Indicator- Tells you that there is a possible problem. There could be a pending DTC or some of the emission monitors haven’t run their diagnostic test yet.

Red LED Indicator- Tells you that there is one or more problems with the vehicle. This indicator also shows that DTCs are present. The DTCs will be shown on the scanners display. 

Cable- The cable is used to connect the scanner tool to the vehicles 16 pin DLC {Data Link Connector}.
Display- This shows you the menus, submenus, test results, scanner functions, and monitor status.

Onboard Diagnostics
DTCs are Diagnostic Trouble Codes that tell you a specific problem area. DTCs are alphanumeric codes that tell you that there is a problem present in one of the systems monitored by the onboard computer. The OBD2 DTCs are 5 characters long. The 1st is a letter that tells you where the problem is happening at. The 2nd character is a number that tells you if the code is generic or manufacturer specific. The 3rd character is a number that tells you the system or subsystem where the problem is. The 4th and 5th characters are numbers that tell you the section of the system that is malfunctioning.

Generic DTCs are the codes that are used by all manufacturers. The standard and definitions for generic codes are set by the SAE {Society of Automotive Engineers}. Manufacturer specific codes are controlled by the manufacturer. Though the laws didn’t require it some manufacturers expanded beyond the standard codes to make their systems easier to diagnose.

Example DTC Code
P0201- Injector Circuit Malfunction, Cylinder 1

First letter can stand for one of the following:
B- Body
C- Chassis
P- Powertrain
U- Network

The second character a number can stand for one of the following:
0- Generic
1- Manufacturer Specific
2- Generic
3- Includes both Generic and Manufacturer Specific Codes

The 3rd character another number can stand for one of the following”
1-Fuel and Air Metering
2-Fuel and Air Metering {Injector Circuit malfunction only}
3-Ignition System or Misfire
4-Auxillary Emission Control System
5-Vehicle Speed Control and Idle Control System
6-Computer Output Circuits

The 4th and 5th characters identify which section of the system is malfunctioning.

Code Retrieval Procedure
Turn the ignition OFF.
Find the Data Link Connector and be sure the OBD2 is off before connecting.
Connect the scan tool to your vehicle.
When connected properly the unit will automatically turn on. The display will tell you how to link up to the on board computer. If your scanner doesn’t come on it usually means that there is no power. You will need to check your fuses and replace any that are burnt out. If changing the fuses doesn’t fix the problem you will need to check the manual and find out which is the correct fuse that needs to be changed and fix it before you can move on.
If the scanner does come on then you can turn on the ignition. DO NOT start the engine.
Press and release the scanner’s power/link button. The scanner will automatically start a check to see what kind of communication protocol the vehicle’s computer uses.

Within 10-60 seconds the scanner will retrieve and display the DTCs, monitor status, and freeze frame data. If the scanner fails to connect check to see that the cable is connected to the DLC and the ignition is on . Turn the ignition off for 5 seconds to reset and try again. If it still doesn’t connect you will need to check to see if your vehicle is OBD2 Compliant. The scanner’s display will say “No DTCs or Freeze Frame data stored” if there are no codes present. If the enter button is pressed from this screen it will display the message “No power train DTCs or freeze frame data is stored in the scanner’s memory.” You can then press the DTC button to view the enhanced or ABS DTCs. This scanner is able to retrieve and store 32 codes for immediate or later viewing.

If more than one problem is present and causes more than one DTC to be present only the highest priority code will contain freeze frame data.

After the last DTC has been displayed and the DTC scroll button is pressed the scanner enters the enhanced mode.

This is just the beginning of what you can do with this scanner. The owners manual also covers the enhanced menu, ABS DTCs. Enhanced DTCs that are manufacturer specific, and much more. I am still learning new things about my OBD2.

The OBD2 has a 2 year limited warranty. Manufacturer states to the original purchaser that “the unit purchased is free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and maintenance for a period of two years from the date of purchase. If unit failure occurs with in that two year period it will be repaired or replaced, at no charge, when returned prepaid to the Tech Service Center, with proof of purchase. Warranty does not apply to damage caused by improper use, accident, fire, flood, lightening, or other acts of God or if product was altered or repaired by any one other than the Manufacturer’s Service Center.”

I give this product a five out of five stars. It helps you save on time and money. Diagnose the problem quickly so you can concentrate on getting it fixed the right way the first time. No more guess work for you. I think every shop should have one of these scanners so they can make their businesses more efficient and able to make more money. It is a plus for everyone. The businesses can diagnose and fix your problem easier and faster and you the customer don’t have to wait forever for you car to get fixed.

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