Bodum Kenya 10682-01 3 Cups French Presses Reviews

Bodum Kenya 10682-01 3 Cups French Presses

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A must have coffee secret weapon for a brew at home!

Jul 28, 2011 (Updated Jul 28, 2011)
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Quick to use
Can fine tune to taste
Easily washed

Cons:Takes a while to get your perfect brew

The Bottom Line: If you like and appreciate good coffee, then do yourself a favour an buy one of these. You can enjoy lovely coffee at home!!

I had been searching for a way to make good coffee at home and a friend of mine recommended the cheapest and quickest way to quality coffee was to get a cafetiere or French press, depending on what you call it.

My wife doesn't drink coffee so I only needed something that was going to be able to produce a single serving or thereabouts. 

So I headed down to my local purveyor of high quality coffee supplies (Tesco) and had a look at what was on offer. Tesco had a range of french presses of different sizes and two brands. Their own Tesco brand at £5.99 ($10) for a 3-cup version and £12.60  ($21) for a Bodum Kenya 3 cup.

I spent about 20 mins closely examining the two options and it was pretty clear that the Bodum was better contructed and had a finer mesh on it.

The Bodum also came with a plastic measuring scoop and an instruction manual. 

So despite the Bodum being more than twice the price, I decided to go for it.

I bought myself a bag of Percol Americano ground coffee and headed home to try it out.

I followed the instructions diligently and put the 3 scoops of coffee into the french press, filling it with slightly cooled boiling water, waited for 4 minutes and then press the plunger down and serve.

That is basically it as far as use goes, it is very simple to use. The great thing it does give is flexibilty in getting your desired taste.

Obviously you can choose from a million and one different blends and brands of ground coffee, but once you have found one you like, then you can use the french press to make it to your desired strength by experimenting with the amount of coffee you use and how long you let it brew for.

Once I had made my coffee, I just quickly rinsed the french press out under the cold water tap. All the ground coffee was quickly washed off and it was ready to be put in the cupboard for the next time. It is dishwasher safe, but I would suggest to avoid getting a soapy taste to your coffee it is best avoided and instead stick with the hand rinsing straight after the brew.

The 3 cup version does just enough to fill a standard mug, or 3 proper coffee cups. 

The results I had with it have been very good and I have over time been able to tune the coffee to my personal taste. It is better than anything I have tasted at Starbucks or Costa.

If you are willing to spend the time brewing your own and experimenting then you can really produce an excellent coffee at home!!

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