Wayne Coggins - Adventures of an Alaskan Preacher

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Adventures of an Alaskan Preacher

Feb 18, 2008
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Pros:31 real life adventure stories about surviving in Alaska


The Bottom Line: I love to read adventure stories, and I love hearing how God answers prayer. This book combines both beautifully!

A couple weeks ago I was browsing through some real life adventure books in my local Fred Meyer store. They have a section that is just Alaskana style, and this book, Adventures of an Alaskan Preacher really stood out. I plunked down the $13.95 and started reading it the same day.

About The Author

Wayne Coggins has been a pastor in Alaska since 1971, and has travelled all over this big state, pastoring in many different towns and cities. He and his family live in Nikiski, Alaska, and Pastor Coggins has a counseling ministry called Cornerstone Family Ministries.

The Stories

This book is a short paperback, containing 166 pages and 31 adventure stories. The cover conjurs up images of pure Alaska. A fierce grizzly bear, two moose, and a bald eagle all grace the cover, while majestic green and white northern lights are displayed in the background.

In 1971 Pastor Coggins came to visit Alaska with a college friend, arriving on Thanksgiving day, when the temperatures were 24 degrees below zero. He first pastored a small church in Homer, and soon found himself visiting more remote locations such as Juneau, Sitka, and even Prudhoe Bay.

Each story is very short, from 1/2 page to four. This makes it perfect for bedtime reading, as I can read as much or as little as I'd like. It also makes a good book to display on the coffee table, as I can pick it up and read a quick 2 minute story any time I so desire.

Imagine being out grouse hunting and running into a grizzly bear who decided to come out of hibernation a bit early! Or spending time in Fairbanks when the temperatures are 63 below zero! He tells how the tires on his car had frozen with a flat spot on one side, and he needed to drive very slowly to let the rubber soften up! (It was pretty bumpy going until they did!).

He has some amazing tales to tell about fishing in the dark with bears, looking down the barrel of an old sourdoughs gun, or surviving a plane crash while trying to land on a remote frozen runway.

Being from Alaska, I can probably identify with the author, and appreciate much of what he has experienced, since we have had some similar experiences of our own. But even if you haven't visited the great state of Alaska, if you are a Christian who loves adventure books, this is a must read.

Not only does Pastor Coggins tell about all of his real life adventures, he tells how God brought him through some of them in miraculous ways! He tells us exactly how God answered prayers, and shares Scriptures that proclaim these promises. Once he was spared while counseling an emotionally disturbed man, the man went to his bedroom to get a gun in his dresser drawer, but his hand rested on a rarely used Bible instead. Pastor Coggins quotes the verse in Psalm 91 which reads the person who dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

Having flown with bush pilots in small Cessna planes, I got a chuckle out of his criteria for flying with bush pilots. He asks himself (1) Does this pilot love living as much as I do? (2) Does he have as many landings as he does take-offs? And (3) Is he aware of the saying "There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots; but there are no old bold pilots?" I know exactly where he is coming from!

Pastor Coggins has experienced it all. Stories about flying in bush planes, combat fishing, hunting, or helping other stranded Alaskan's, this book has it all. He tells about the wonderful Christians he has met all across Alaska, what God has done for them, and how much he loves living in Alaska, the Great Land. Pastor Coggins is now the Senior Pastor of North Kenai Chapel.

I really enjoyed his short stories!

Published by: Magnus Press
Copyright: 2007
No illustrations

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