Asperger Syndrome: What Teachers Need to Know

Oct 25, 2008
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Pros:Writer Winter is a primary teacher

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The Bottom Line: Writer Winter explains Asperger's characteristics clearly and simply, without relying on superficial jargon. I like that positive characteristics of children with Asperger's are presented.

Asperger Syndrome: What Teachers Need to Know Chapter titles offer a quick overview of what to expect in this small book. What is Asperger Syndrome presents clarification as to what Asperger is, and how it is characterized in those who have the Syndrome. At times called high functioning autism Asperger Syndrome presents Social Interaction, Communication, Imagination and Sensory Sensitivity difficulty.

Children having the syndrome may exhibit a lack of empathy, naïve, inappropriate or one sided interaction, little to no ability for forming friendships, pedantic, or repetitive speech, poor nonverbal communication, intense absorption for certain subjects, clumsy or poorly coordinated movements and odd postures.

On the other hand, positive traits include honesty, reliability, dedication and determination.

Chapter two in particular addresses signs children may display, however it is well to remember that no two subjects present exactly the same set of symptoms. In general these children will not understand why people lie, will say exactly what they think with no regard to situation or feelings of those spoken to and will exhibit intense loyalty.

Children having Asperger are often creative, have special interest bordering on fascination to obsession, enjoy routine, have difficulty reading social cues or body language, exhibit high stress levels, tire more easily than others, have difficulty in expressing or modulating emotions and have trouble reading other people's emotions, have a strong moral code and sense of justice, often believe that everyone believes exactly as he does, have little awareness that his words or behaviors are hurting others and will often believe that he is totally right no matter evidence to the contrary.

On an academic level these children tend toward literal thinking and often miss implied meaning, have more trouble than usual trying to sequence, recall more easily what is seen rather than what is said, may have short term auditory memory problems, are often able to list large amounts of factual information, are less intuitive than are many others, often have difficulty thinking through how particular outcomes may arise, have difficulty generalizing, dislike ambiguity, do not like to attempt if any possibility of mistake is possible, often has problems with handwriting, fine motor skills are more difficult.

Writer Winter is a primary teacher and offers suggestion for strategies in the classroom, helping kids with social skills, guiding kids on playground, how para professionals can be used for helping kids with severe problems, who in school needs to know this child has the syndrome, homework and whether it should be presented for these kids, how kids having Asperger can be assisted with study, what should happen before the child changes class or school, qualifications needed for teaching the child and how to gain more knowledge concerning Asperger.

Writer Winter explains Asperger's characteristics clearly and simply, without relying on superficial jargon. I like that positive characteristics of children with Asperger's are presented.

I have both taught kids having Asperger, and have raised a child who presents many of the characteristics. My own child is old enough that autism and Asperger were not terms used much. He was thought simply to be a strong willed child, bright, well read, but strong willed.

Asperger Syndrome: What Teachers Need to Know offers a quick summary of behaviors teachers may see exhibited by of children having Asperger's, and offers some strategies for use when working with kids having those characteristics.

Because we see more and more children with definable issues in the classroom today, awareness of Asperger Syndrome has increased as has understanding for many of the other attendant syndromes, conditions and behaviors. Most teachers I know have far more familiarity with and understanding of many conditions unheard of when first I began teaching.

Asperger Syndrome What Teachers Need to Know provides a synopsis of current information regarding AS. Happy to recommend.

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TITLE Asperger Syndrome - What Teachers Need to Know: Written for Cloud 9 Children's Foundation
AUTHOR Matt Winter
GENRE Education

Product Description
As awareness of Asperger Syndrome (AS) grows, it becomes increasingly important that all professionals have a familiarity with and understanding of the condition. However, for teachers, who have minimal spare time, it is difficult to access the details they need for working with AS children without wading through extensive books aimed at parents and professionals.

Asperger Syndrome What Teachers Need to Know bridges this gap and is the ideal starting point for teachers wishing to learn about Asperger Syndrome and how best to work with and get the most from a child with an ASD. Providing a summary of currently available information on AS and covering all the key issues that will concern teachers (e.g. social skills, homework, playground behavior, assisting with study), Matt Winter, a teacher himself, imparts tips and practical ideas that he has found successful and invaluable for anyone working in a school environment.

About the Author
Matt Winter is a primary school teacher from New Zealand and has encountered children with Asperger Syndrome in all the schools he has worked in. In addition to his daily teaching, Matt has always been actively involved in charity work and currently volunteers with the Cloud 9 Children's Foundation where he teaches a thirteen-year-old boy with Asperger Syndrome.

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Paperback: 96 pages
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