Cable Confidence: A Guide to Textured Knitting

Mar 29, 2009 (Updated Mar 29, 2009)
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Pros:knitters are introduced to textured knitting basics

Cons:none noted

The Bottom Line: The book is not meant only for novice knitters, many experienced knitters too have never tried a cable pattern.

Sara Louise Harper - Cable Confidence: A Guide to Textured Knitting is a text filled with cables, cables, cables. A fine selection of designs are provided for knitting pillows, scarves, sweaters and even  an afghan.

Back in the days when I was in college it seemed nearly every young woman could be seen with a canvas bag holding yarn and knitting needles.  The clickety click of needles rang merrily as our instructors lectured.

From pillows to scarves and sweaters, Cable Confidence offers all knitters an introduction to textured knitting basics. My favorite sweaters are those knitted from the neck down, raglan sleeve, and often filled with cables. Cables frequently provide the extra weight, thickness and texture to create a super warm garment for wearing especially on those cold winter days when yard duty is part of my daily plan.

Too often even experienced knitters, thinking the designs may prove to be too arduous; are hesitant to attempt patterns featuring cables. Reality; cabling is produced using a series of familiar knits and purls. Even the most novice knitter who can produce basic knit and purl stitches already has the foundation for creating dazzling, cable filled, sweaters.

Today knitting seems to be enjoying a revival. Cable Confidence: A Guide to Textured Knitting speaks to the attractiveness of our contemplative, gratifying skill. In addition to actual basic patterns for creating useful garments and a warm wrap; the handy direction pages featuring process and methods as well as how-to when it comes to creating designs, sizing, and modifying existing patterns to fit the particular wearer are all useful information for all knitters. Yarns, needles and the raison d'être for keeping a commercial needle gauge guide handy, mine is metal, I also see plastic available today, as well as the importance of the gauge ruler are all explained.

Sara Louise Harper's Cable Confidence  supplies a range of projects; each is intended to provide practice and help ease some of the ambiguity encountered when trying to read stitch charts, use cable stitch holders, and disentangle all the tricky nuances inherent to creating lovely cable rich items.

  A Guide to Textured Knitting is intended as a novice friendly guide launching the easiest patterns before moving on to more intricate procedures. The book is not meant only for novice knitters, many experienced knitters too have never tried a cable pattern; hopefully this book will help alleviate some of the hesitation.

Harper's book will aid novice and experienced, first time to cable, knitters alike.  Taking each design one step at a time; writer Harper explains step by step how to use stitch charts, cable needles, choose a pattern, modify it if necessary, swatch, follow gauge, and more to create the perfect cable pattern.

Sara Louise Harper offers easy to follow directions, attractive cable designs and much for the knitter to consider.

Happy to recommend Cable Confidence: A Guide to Textured Knitting.

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Title:  Cable Confidence: A Guide to Textured Knitting
Author:  Sara Louise Harper

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About the Author
A Master Knitter since 2000, Sara Louise Harper currently chairs the Learn to Knit program for the Knitting Guild of America. Her designs have been published in numerous books and magazines.

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