Daisy Meadows - Goldie the Sunshine Fairy

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Goldie the Sunshine Fairy by Daisy Meadows

May 8, 2011
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Pros:fast read, happy ending, fairies and magic, popcorn!

Cons:plot seemed shorter with less twists than normal

The Bottom Line: This is another fun book in the weather fairies series. When a goblin has a sunshine feather it gets super hot, but the girls are ready to correct that.

My son recently discovered the Rainbow Magic fairies series at the library. We've been reading various books in the series, often not in order. One of the ones we recently read was Goldie the Sunshine Fairy. This is part of the Weather Fairies thread of books in the Rainbow Magic series.

There are seven weather fairies in Fairyland and they each had a weather feather that is part of a weather vane rooster's tail. One day Jack Frost came and scattered the feathers so the weather would get all messed up in Fairyland. He also cast a spell to make his goblins bigger, the ones who try to stop the fairies from getting their fairies back. That's basically the background to the story, that you will gather from an intro page as well as along the way in the story itself. You don't need to read the prior books in the weather series to enjoy this one, but it would probably help.

Rachel and Kirsty are best friends and they always try to help the fairies whenever Jack Frost comes along and tries to mess things up. In this story they find Goldie, the sunshine fairy, the fourth fairy they've found in the Weather Fairies series. A large goblin has the sunshine feather and keeps waving it around making it hotter and hotter. It gets so hot that the corn in the fields starts to pop! Fortunately the girls and Goldie work together to get the feather back. You'll have to read to find out exactly how they do it.

The books are rather formulaic. The girls find a fairy, they find the missing item, they are clever and figure out a way to outsmart a goblin(s). They always succeed. However it is fun to follow them along the way. It's a fortunate thing that goblins are pretty dumb otherwise their plans would probably fail more often. Also I forgot if this happened in other books, but the girls, when the fairy is around, can talk with animals in this book.

Happy endings make for fun books. This is a RL2 006-009 Scholastic book. It is a chapter book with six chapters and 63 pages. It is written by Daisy Meadows and illustrated by Georgie Ripper. The illustrations show various scenes from the text and help move the story along. The fairy in this book has long curly hair. The illustrations are all in black and white, and they show things like sweat on the animals faces and the scene where the fairy was dodging popcorn flying was fun.

Overall I am glad my son is into these books. He is 6 and in kindergarten and at this point I am reading them to him. Maybe he will read them on his own (since there are so many to read). It definitely is more girly since the two main characters are girls and the fairies are all girls, but he doesn't seem to mind at this point. I would recommend this book if you are into the series, although this one seemed a little less climatic than some of the others. I would give the book 3.5 stars, but I will give it 4 since my son really liked the popcorn part.

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