Mishna Wolff - I'm Down

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Captivating memoir about searching for one's identity

Jan 10, 2010 (Updated Jan 10, 2010)
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Pros:funny, child-like, easy read, fresh

Cons:parts of the ending that I didn't feel completed the story

The Bottom Line: I recommend this book.  Mishna Wolff's childhood struggle is entertaining and unique.

I am a sucker for memoirs. When I saw "I'm Down" in the store I was drawn to the ridiculous picture on the front and then, even more so, by the brief summary.  Mishna Wolff is an awkward girl who doesn't seem to fit in anywhere.  The childhood period, that Mishna recalls in her book, took place in the 1970's.  Mishna's dad wants to be black and desires for his children to be just as "down" as he is.  In being so obsessed with memoirs I feel like most stories are constantly being repeated in the case of; divorce, abandonment, and identity.  While all of those are part of Mishna's memoir, she does something that I have yet to read about in non-fiction and that is to try and discover one's self through the wish to connect with a different race.  I won't give away any part of the story because this book is worth reading.  The only part that I can foresee people being disappointed with is the ending (which I will not spoil.)  However, I will say that upon the decision to open and read this book, one must remember that this is Non-fiction and in-turn may not have the desired ending that one hoped for.  Other than that I did have another problem with the ending, I felt like it ended abruptly.  I am not sure if I felt much resolution and I think that, after reading her biography, she could have stretched her story out to a more "satisfying (good or bad but not stuck)" ending.

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