An eye opener on Islam

Jan 6, 2010 (Updated Jan 6, 2010)
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Pros:An eyeopener!

Cons:A bit roughly written, but very authentic.

The Bottom Line: This is an exceptional, true life investigation and experience by a courageous Christian! It is a WAKE UP call!

This true story of an investigation on the ground of several Islamic cultures in Africa reveals the shocking truth of the brutality (to the point of death) that Islamic believers wreak on non-Muslims, especially Christians. This is the hidden side of Islam that the Western world and especially Christians need to know about, lest they be murdered or subjucated by Muslims. Islam is a religion with world domination in its sights! If you are not Muslim, you are inferior and must serve Islam or die. Millions of people in Africa and the Middle East live in subservience to Islam. They and their children have no future (except as 'good Muslims'), but must live miserable, impoverised lives.
The book is a true eye opener! The most startling book I have ever read, and I read a lot. It's a very personal account where Marvin Heyboer risked his life numerous times. Marvin is a retired pastor in the Christian Reformed Church in North America.
This book will change everyone who reads it. 
Hopefully it also puts the free countries of the world on defense against their Muslim populations, many who have not and will not integrate into western societies. 9-11? Now I know where the danger lies!
Hopefully a second edition will be carefully editted. Recomended ***** 

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