Stuck on LEGO Minifigures? Check out this new book from DK Publishing.

Apr 13, 2010
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Pros:High-quality photo stickers, fun LEGO themes, extra stickers and play value.


The Bottom Line: Another great LEGO book from DK Publishing, this time with stickers!

I love LEGO, but it's not just the bricks I love--it's the minifigures.  The LEGO minifigures are around two inches tall and have poseable heads, arms, hands and legs.  They're not the most articulated action figures around, but with their break-apart and put back together modular construction, they're nearly infinitely changeable.  Plus, they're darn cute.

The LEGO Minifigure Ultimate Sticker Collection just came out this year from DK Publishing, and like every other DK book, is filled with full-color photos, this time in sticker form.  The topic is LEGO minifigures, and the more than 1000 stickers and the fun format will make this a good book for kids ages five and up.

The first 32 pages of the book are a sort of sticker photo album of various LEGO themes, with each two-page spread a different theme:  Train, Castle, Space, Pirates, Adventure, etc.  There are also several licensed themes, like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman and others.  Each album page has a background printed on it--incorporating bigger LEGO playsets into a computer generated environment.  There are outlines of the minifigures and descriptions for each of them, so you know where to put the minifigure stickers in the album.  For example, on the pirate pages, there's an outline of Captain Brickbeard, and the profile text: "Captain Brickbeard's outfit is very grand.  He has gold buttons and gold epaulets.  He is nearly as shiny as the treasure!"  There are roughly ten minifigures per theme, and when complete, it will create a nice little book celebrating LEGO minifigures.

The minifigure stickers are in the following thirteen pages, and are labeled for easier finding, but aren't in any particular order.  This makes completing your sticker book a kind of scavenger hunt, and you can either do it in paginated order or by theme.  After those thirteen pages, there are an additional nineteen pages of stickers in various shapes and sizes, perfect for making new scenes, putting in other books or on other objects. 

The stickers are as brightly colored as the plastic toys they represent, and they're durable enough that they can be reused over and over.  The album pages are also heavy paper, so hopefully this will wear better than other similar books.

If you're a fan of LEGO, but especially of the minifigures, this $12.99 book is a fun one.  I picked it up for my son's birthday, but more and more, I'm wanting my own copy.  So whether you're a fan, or your kids are, you'll like the LEGO Minifigure: Ultimate Sticker Collection.

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