Richard Wiseman - The Luck Factor, Changing Your Luck, Changing Your Life: The Four Essential Principles

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Change your luck and your life!

Sep 19, 2006
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Pros:Insightful, good stories

Cons:none unless you don't want good luck

The Bottom Line: You can change your luck.

For my English class this year we had to read a self help book. So I took a look in my parent’s room and came across this book. I thought it looked interesting and was curious as to how you could change your luck. The book has a very interesting take on how luck is achieved and how bad luck is caused. Many stories from various people are shown periodically in the book and it really does support Dr. Wiseman’s evidence. The book does require you to be active throughout as you make a luck journal. It explains the difference in lucky people’s lives and unlucky people’s lives.

Basically what the book tells you is that you make your own luck. If you sit at home and do nothing then no good luck will happen. It doesn’t necessarily mean bad luck will come to you but you really got to go out and seize various opportunities. It says that luck is mental and if you have a positive attitude then good luck is likely to result. For example if you are an out going talkative person then more opportunities will come to you. If you are in the supermarket and are talking to someone in line then that person may lead you to landing your job or even your spouse. The book is quite interesting because it takes those ideas and really goes in depth to explain to you how your mind set will generally affect your luck.

Throughout the book various stories are told, both by lucky and unlucky people. The stories may be about someone meting their future husband or getting connections to help them out in life. The stories about lucky people are usually happy but the unlucky people usually have sadder stories. Their luck is so unfair that you can hardly blame them for having negative out looks on life. One of the books points is that even if you are unlucky you can change that around by simply thinking positive and happy thoughts. If you go through your whole life never expecting good things will happen to you then of coarse bad things will always happen to you.

As well as stories to cite evidence various charts and graphs are used. For no matter what subject their looking at lucky people are first and unlucky people are last, with the natural group wedged right in between them. I find this to be a particularly interesting book because it did take the time to really show how your attitude really does affect your life. This book must have took a long time to complete since a lot of experiments were used to show the difference in attitudes with lucky and unlucky people. Some of the experiments included taking lucky and unlucky people and having them draw numbers for the lottery or solving puzzles. The book made a point that unlucky people would give up easily where as lucky people would keep trying.

All in all this is probably the best self help book I have read. I’m glad I could use this book for my project and I had a great time reading it. The book is insightful as it says that you don’t have to be stuck with bad luck, and if you are an unlucky person then I strongly suggest reading this as it could help you in the future, I’ve always considered my self to be on the natural line of luck. I will however use the advice that I learned from the book and become luckier. This book really could help change your life if you are looking for steady jobs or even a good relationship. This book makes point after point on how luck and thought perception really does correspond with each other and how it shapes your luck for better or worse. Everyone who reads this will have different responses. For some it could change their lives but for others their lives may stay the same, none the less no matter how lucky or unlucky you may be I would still read this. It was a good read and Dr. Richard Wiseman is a smart person. I’m quite glad I got to read this book and I think everyone should read this also.

5 stars

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