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Valley of Silence - Lilith and the Circle Prepared for The Final Battle

Dec 20, 2006 (Updated May 14, 2009)
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Pros:Entertaining book that finished The Circle Trilogy.

Cons:No more books with these characters. Some characters not used much.

The Bottom Line: Valley of Silence was an entertaining conclusion to The Circle Trilogy. People that enjoyed the first two books should also like this one.

Nora Roberts had written many books in her career, several of which have been a part of different trilogies. I’ve read and enjoyed most of the trilogies she’s written. In the fall of 2006, her newest trilogy, The Circle Trilogy, was released. I recently read the last book in the trilogy, Valley of Silence.

Before discussing anything specific about Valley of Silence, I want to briefly talk about the overall plot for the trilogy. Some of what I mention could be spoilers for the first two books, Morrigan's Cross and Dance of the Gods, if those books haven’t been read.

In Morrigan’s Cross, the goddess Morrigan put together a group of six people to lead humans in battle against Lilith, the queen of the vampires. Hoyt was a powerful sorcerer that traveled through time with Morrigan’s help and was reunited with his twin brother Cian. Lilith had turned Cian into a vampire right before Morrigan appeared to Hoyt. Cian had stopped drinking human blood more than a hundred years before and he was willing to fight against Lilith and the other vampires. Glenna was a witch that fell in love with Hoyt. They were more powerful when they used their magic together. Blair, a descendant of Hoyt and Cian, was a demon hunter that had a lot of experience with fighting vampires. Moira and her cousin Larkin were from another world called Gaell. Moira was the future queen of Gaell and Larkin had the ability to change into different creatures. The group traveled to Gaell to prepare for the huge upcoming battle with Lilith and her vampires.

Moira was worried about taking over as queen of Gaell, though she did believe it was important to give the people of the country a strong leader. They all continued to train in preparation for the final battle. Lilith continued to plot, hoping she could do things to give her a better chance at victory. Cian tried to keep to himself around the castle as much as he could. Part of that was because he knew that many of the people of Gaell were uncomfortable around him because he was a vampire. He knew how important the battle was, but that didn’t stop him from falling in love with Moira. She too was also aware of the how serious the situation was, but they decided to grab what happiness they could together.

The books in The Circle Trilogy were very connected. They really told a larger story overall that was divided up into three books. Since the plots were so interconnected, it would be best if the books were read in order. The second book built on what had happened in the first and the last book built on the events of the first two. There would be some spoilers for the earlier books if Valley of Silence was the first of the books read. Certain things wouldn’t make the most sense if the books were read out of order. Some things that had happened in the first books were briefly mentioned without there being a full recap of everything.

Magic continued to play a very important part in Valley of Silence like he had in the first books. Hoyt and Glenna were working on different spells that they hoped would be helpful when they faced Lilith. Most of the work they did on developing the spells wasn’t shared. Instead, they would just mention what they had been working on. Moira did have some magical ability that she worked with to improve during the book. Magic was used at different times throughout the book, though it did seem like magic wasn’t used as much until closer to the end of the book. Larkin used his shape shifting ability several times, including during fights. Lilith’s dark wizard Midir was also back using his magic to try to give Lilith the advantage. Almost the entire book took place in Gaell, the magical world that Moira and Larkin were from. Gaell was identified as a fantasy world in the short glossary at the end of the books. The glossary included all the main characters and certain people connected to them as well as places and Irish words used throughout the trilogy.

Valley of Silence didn’t really provide any new information on vampires in general that hadn’t already been shared in the first book of the trilogy. Cian has been the most developed of the vampire characters since he was featured in more of the books, especially the last one, than the other vampire characters. Cian was different from the other vampires in the trilogy because he had stopped drinking blood more than one hundred years before and he was willing to fight against Lilith and her followers. He still had feelings and struggled with them, especially his feelings for Moira. Sunlight, holy water, and wooden stakes could hurt or kill the vampires. They didn’t have to actually sleep during the daylight hours and if it was overcast out, they could safely go outside. Lilith was very important to the plot even though she wasn’t featured as much as some of the other characters. Some more things about her were shared, including how she originally became a vampire. I did like learning some more about her. People that don’t like to read books about vampires probably should avoid this trilogy.

There were some fights between the circle and Lilith’s followers throughout Valley of Silence. All of the members of the circle were involved in the fighting at some point, with a few characters fighting more than others. For the most part, Lilith continued to keep her distance from the circle and their troops herself. Instead she would send out some of her followers to launch small attacks. Lilith enjoyed killing people, but she really didn’t want to face the members of the circle herself. The trilogy has been leading up to a huge, final battle involving the circle and the troops they were leading facing off against Lilith and her followers. That battle was described in the book and it did get violent. It could be too violent for some readers even though the descriptions really didn’t get that graphic. Before the battle, the group had continued to train in preparation for the battle. The training was still very important even though not a lot of the book was devoted to that.

The battle that the group was preparing for was the main focus of the entire trilogy. The building of friendships and even romances was also important for each book without distracting from the battle. All three of the relationships were started in the first book even though it seemed like only Hoyt and Glenna’s was the one that was receiving attention. The foundations for the other two relationships were also being laid at that time. There were some little things that happened in the first two books that served as hints to the fact that Cian had very real feelings for Moira. She also had feelings for him, though she was a bit unsure on what she should do about them. They decided to act on their feelings even though neither of them felt like there was a chance for them to have a lasting relationship. Their relationship was important to the plot without being the main focus of the book. I did enjoy reading about the progression of their relationship through the books. There were some sex scenes in the book that were descriptive without getting really graphic. The scenes could be too descriptive for some readers. People that don’t like to read about those types of things should probably pick a different book.

For the most part, the six were strangers when they came together and started planning to battle Lilith. Hoyt and Cian were almost like strangers even though they were twins because of how much Cian had changed when Lilith made him a vampire. They did have a little trouble dealing with each other at times since they truly didn’t know each other anymore. Cian did know a bit about Lilith and some of the vampires working with her, but there weren’t any close friendships there. Moira and Larkin were the only ones who really went into the situation knowing each other. By the time Valley of Silence started, the group had developed strong friendships and were able to work together well. Cian had remained a bit more distant than the others, though he did open up a little bit, especially to Moira. All six of the members of the circle had their chance to be a main character for one of the books. Cian and Moira received the most attention in this book, with the other four acting more like supporting characters. I did like how each book focused on two different members of the circle, though I would have liked it if all the characters had bigger parts throughout the books.

Lilith wasn’t featured in as much of the books as the other characters were. She really wasn’t shown that much for being the main villain of the trilogy. That didn’t bother me, though it would have been interesting to know a bit more about her. I did like that more of her past was shared in Valley of Silence. Lilith loved being a vampire and all the power she had. She loved others in her own way, which did make her more complicated. Lora was another vampire that had been with Lilith for years. Lora was very loyal to Lilith and just as vicious and deadly. The fact that the two women were lovers wasn’t really explored. Davy was a vampire that still looked like a little boy. He enjoyed killing as much as the other vampires and was tired of being protected because he was smaller. Those three were developed the most of the vampires the circle would be fighting. Most of the vampires fighting with Lilith were just around in the background of scenes.

Nora Roberts also writes a futuristic romantic suspense series as J.D. Robb. The books in the In Death series are set just over fifty years in the future and follow Eve Dallas, a homicide detective in New York City, on her different investigations. The books also deal with her relationship with her husband Roarke and her friends. I actually read the In Death series before reading any books that Roberts had written under her own name. I’ve really liked both groups of books and think other people might as well since they were written by the same author. Really the only difference between the two groups of books is that the In Death series is set in the future and tends to have stronger mystery and suspense. Roberts wrote one book, Remember When, that is listed as being written by both authors. It started in current times and then concluded in Eve’s time. The two halves of the book were connected by a mystery. Eve’s part of Remember When took place between Imitation in Death and Divided in Death.

Valley of Silence was a very entertaining book that provided a satisfying conclusion to The Circle Trilogy. This is a must read book for people that enjoyed Morrigan’s Cross and Dance of the Gods. People that have enjoyed other books by Nora Roberts may also like the books in this trilogy.

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Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb
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