Weird Encounters: True Tales of Haunted Places

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The most Ghastly Ghostly Encounters in America

Jan 7, 2011 (Updated Jan 7, 2011)
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Pros:A lot different kinds of stories, some really creepy.

Cons:To fully appreciate the book you need to believe in ghosts. Some silly stories.

The Bottom Line: Weird Encounters, True Tales of Haunted Places, features some good ghost stories whether you believe them or not. Sleep tight and watch out for the killer Ghosts.

My daughter gave me this book, which is a collection of supposedly real encounters with ghosts with the focus on allegedly haunted places in the United States. Some of the stories are written by ghost hunters and some by ordinary people who experienced what they believe were ghosts. If you take the stories at face value I cannot see how they could be explained naturally. Naturally they could be tall stories or hallucinations. Personally I don't really believe in ghosts. However, I am not so certain of my viewpoint that I would volunteer to visit any of these allegedly haunted places at night by myself.

A warning: My daughter wanted me to tell her some of the stories in the book so I did. That night she slept in our bedroom with mom and I slept in her bed.

Overview of Weird Encounters: True tales of Haunted Places

Weird Encounters features more than 80 ghostly and often ghastly encounters of various kinds. The encounters have been classified into ten classes, which form ten chapters; "Haunted Houses", "Nightmarish Nights Out", "Historic Haunts", "Fresh Air Phantasms" (haunted forests/plains), "Creepy Cemeteries", "Hostel Environments" (haunted hotels), "Dead Lights" (Light Houses), "Educated Entities", "Workplace Wraiths", and "Institutional Apparitions".

The stories go from the ridiculous to the really creepy. As an example of a ridiculous story is the guy who picked up a barefoot hitch hiking girl in Hawaii. The inside if the car felt hot while she was in the car and she knew everything about volcanoes and wanted to be dropped off by a volcano. He concluded that it must have been the Hawaiian volcano Goddess Pele. Perhaps she was so hot she must have been the volcano Goddess.

An example of the creepy is the long armed cloaked specter that chases people along Keeners Road (in a dark forest), or ghosts that physically attack and kill people (Slag at the Sloss Furnaces). The book has many authors but it is compiled by Joanne M. Austin.

My opinion on Weird Encounters

The editor and the authors of the book are apparently firm believers in ghosts and many of the authors are ghost hunters or paranormal "researchers". The book never discusses whether ghosts exist or not and no compelling evidence is presented. It is simply a collection of presumably true stories. This makes it to me less serious.

On the other hand it should probably not be read as a book that proves the existence of Ghosts. The way I see it you can read it two ways. If you believe in Ghosts, then this is a collection of astonishing haunted experiences. If you don't believe in Ghosts then it is a good collection of really spooky stories for the camp out. As mentioned, I don't believe in Ghosts but I was still really spooked out by some of the stories. However, I have been told that the first book in the series "Weird Hauntings" is creepier (I read it next).

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