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Not Really Complete

Aug 30, 2009 (Updated Aug 31, 2009)
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Pros:Easy to Read
Thin like we want to be

Cons:Assigned readings from another of the author's books
For women only - misanthropic

The Bottom Line: This is a lightweight book in more ways than one. Save your money.

For me the best thing about Robin McGraw's Complete Makeover Guide is the cover with its top to bottom photograph of the perfectly coiffed author. The reader sees a well-proportioned woman on the cover with a figure, look, and presence that seems ideal. It might motivate readers to reach for the same perfection, the same confidence, the same look and figure. Go figure.

The book's unremarkable inside is full of fill in lists, charts, to-do lists and check lists very similar to those in the Scholastic books many of the  middle school girls in my classes used to favor. This "companion" to Ms. McGraw's "What's Age Got to Do With It", assigns readings in the aforementioned book to coincide with the workbook segments. This little book filled with tedious charts and plans contains advice gleaned from the author's experience and other expert sources. Neither Mrs. Spudman or I found anything noteworthy or profound in this book. It's the same old, same old self-help mantra.


In her brief introduction, the author urges the reader to pick up a copy of "What's Age Got to do With It?" because in her Complete Makeover Guide reading assignments are given from What's Age... In this companion book are health and beauty tips and answers to questions from "readers like you." The author has also included for you edification and reading pleasure lots of quizzes, self-tests, checklists, and other application tools like shopping lists. All these goodies are included to help you reach your optimal beauty and health. This book will help the reader make glamour and wellness decisions and even document them, a big help for the forgetful.

Nine areas are addressed in this little workbook, the first of which is AGE.  How can you stop the effects of aging? You can't. However, you can minimize them. In this chapter are lists of things that age our skin and our bodies. There's also a two page checklist titled "How Am I Aging?"

Chapter two deals with Fitness. The author reveals the secrets to fitness here, and I'll share them with you. Exercise, set a goal, buddy up, and consult with experts. To help your along the author includes lots of charts, a daily exercise journal, and even a list of workout equipment and gear. On the calories burned per activity chart, you see that vacuuming for 30 minutes burns up 79 calories and having  ten-minutes of sex burns up 38 calories. Discouraging for me to learn that I'm only burning up 3.8 calories per sexual encounter.  The chapter even includes a four page sleep chart with a column for charting "how long it took me to fall asleep." If I tried to keep track of that, I wouldn't be able to fall asleep at all.

The ensuing short chapters cover these topics: Nutrition, Skin Care, Hormones, Hair (I skipped that one), Makeup, Fashion, Faith. Each chapter is rife with charts and checklists and an assigned reading from What's Age Got to Do With It.

Final Thoughts

I think this book is just a bunch of fluff and silliness. There's nothing here that you don't already know or haven't read somewhere else. Mrs. Spudman and I were not impressed one bit by the advice contained in this little book. Charts can help one reach a goal and keep one focused, but the ones in this book are too much and too tedious. I've also got to wonder about some of the information offered like this:

Here's a list of "Stuff to Avoid" - sugar/sweets, soda, imitation sweeteners, processed foods, MSG, Nitrates (agreed), and oils, trans fats, saturated fats.  How could anyone avoid all of these things, and why would anyone want to? Perhaps the advice should be to limit one's intake of these supposed diet sins.

Here's one more puzzler for you. The author states, "Personally I don't put a lot of emphasis on calorie counting. But if you are interested in finding out there are many excellent tools out there to help women count calories." She then proceeds to offer numerous sources of calories counting books and websites. Two pages later we find a chart of weights and calories needed to maintain, lose, or gain that target weight. Preceding it is a formula for determining your own calorie goals. A subsequent chart allows the reader to keep track of calories per item eaten during the day and calories per meal. Make sense?

Finally - I can't recommend this self-help book, especially since it's not a stand-alone book but a companion to another more expensive book. This is a book best for someone just learning how to eat, dress, put on makeup, and exercise. The Hormone chapter is admittedly for the older woman.

I find it scary that I could check off so many of the 38 "going through the change" signs.
Things like :
My face is a mess.
I'm so exhausted.
I wake up often during the night.
Where's all that facial hair coming from?
I can't seem to concentrate.
I always check my pockets and under the sofa cushions for change.
Sometimes I skip a period  (I find myself leaving out all kinds of punctuation marks these days.)

Note - One of the above signs wasn't written by Robin.

Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (May 19, 2009)
Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 5.9 x 0.4 inches
Printed in the United States

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