Definitely not the star of the washer/dryer pair

Apr 8, 2010
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Pros:Simple operation, nicely textured stainless steel drum, lint filter design.

Cons:Slow drying, doesn't get hot, wrikle guard not optional, display not informative.

The Bottom Line: Disappointing but for the matching Bosch washer, you really have only one alternative.  The condensing dryer is for people with no dryer vent but it is expensive and very slow.

I have my WTV76100US paired with the Bosch WAS24460UC.  The dryer does what it needs to do but it isn't totally satisfying.  The best thing about it is the simplicity.  There is one big knob and it clearly marks what cycle you are selecting.  There is one button for a low temperature option (which still eventually dries to whatever dryness level you selected with the knob) and a start button and that is it.  I also like the large lint catcher which is in a clever taco shell shape that unsnaps, makes spilling lint almost impossible but still easy to clean.

The dryness levels seem to work well even on mixed loads.  Regular dry leaves clothes (very) slightly damp which, despite the way most US consumers may be used to, is perfectly fine in most situations. My previous dryer was an LG dryer and it too defaulted to leaving clothes very slightly damp and except for the unlikely scenario of taking clothes straight from the dryer and putting them into a plastic bag, the dampness never caused mildew or odors and saved energy while also greatly reducing static.  I do not use any fabric softner.  For those who believe that clothes aren't dry until they are tinder dry, there are two dryness settings above the one I use (and one below for damp dry).

After the dryer completes, it tumbles clothes for a few seconds every few minutes which is supposed to help reduce wrinkling.  This feature isn't optional and, unlike the matching washer, there is no end of cycle beeper available.

What frustrates me most about the dryer is that it is slow and doesn't get as hot as I would like.  Most of my big loads of laundry take close to 90 minutes to dry.  The Bosch web site accurately describes the dryer when they say that it has 'high volume air flow and moderate heat'.  I'm not sure why the moderate heat isn't the default or optional setting with a hot setting available for those in a hurry.  Instead it has the normal heat setting (which truly isn't very hot at all) and a delicate heat setting which I can only imagine would take all day to dry anything of substance.  Also, there are seperate cycles for cotton and permanent press (each with 4 dryness level targets) but really, nothing in my permanent press wardrobe will ever be the slightest bit over temperature even on the cotton cycle so it seems kind of silly to have the permanent press cycle.  The manual doesn't really say what the difference in the permanent press cycle is so I am only assuming it has a lower maximum temperature.

Have you ever used a dryer that tried to estimate drying times but didn't do a very good job at? Most modern dryers use the moisture sensor, not the timer, to decide when the cycle is done so it is difficult to accurately calculate a drying time.  The Bosch 'fixes' this issue by eliminating any useful estimate of time at all.  There are lights that indicate 'drying', 'damp dry' and 'regular dry' along with a cycle complete light but no attempt is made to indicate how many minutes it will take to dry. Even on the timed cycle, there is no screen or LED display to indicate time remaining.  When the damp dry light comes on I know the end of the regular dry cycle isn't too far away but it isn't a very useful piece of information.  Overall, the dryer controls seem kind of cheap and basic compared to other dryers on the market.

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