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Bosch WFVC5440UC Washing Machine

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Happy with Bosch Vision 500 Washer & Dryer

Jul 23, 2010
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The Bottom Line: Very happy with both the Bosch Vision 500 Washer and Dryer

Bosch Washer and Dryer Vision 500 Series

I've taken awhile to write this as I didn't see many reviews when I was in the market to purchase last year and vowed to provide a good writeup for others once I had time to fully evaluate my new purchase of both the washer and dryer SET for at least 9 months.

ULTIMATE REASONS for choosing these units:
EFFICIENT: Most energy efficient (averages 130 kWh per yr) and water efficient (13 gallons per average load size)
SIZE: Most shallow depth of all brands that allowed for it to fit in my space made for the older style top loading washers and dryers
REPUTATION: We own other Bosch appliances and love them and get exceptional service by their specialized mechanics.
WARRANTY: Only brand that comes with a 2-year warranty on parts (instead of the standard 1 year)
FEATURES: Doors opened all the way (180 degrees) making it easier to load and unload with more room to work in my laundry room area
I wash about 5 loads of laundry a week.
SAVES WATER - 13 gallons per load compared to 40 gallons with my old washer (in fact our last few months of water bills was for about 3,900 gallons per month whereas before it was usually about 5,400 gallons per month… saving about 1,500 gallons per month for the last 3 months for a total of 4,500 gallons already.  I feel good about this… especially having just come out of a 4 year drought in the Atlanta area.)

Simple controls (less to break) with just a simple dial push button options and start and stop
LOVE the countdown timer on the display
Door opens 180 degrees unlike some washers
Door can be installed to open either from the right or from the left
Steel Drum (no scratches and better for odors and cleaning, doesn't stain and dries faster than the Porcelain type)
Less deep than some of the front load washers and dryers which is good for tight areas
Quiet wash and fill and drain cycles (spin cycle can get louder and sounds like it's vibrating because it spins so fast… but mine is on the main floor of the house and while I'm in the basement I can't hear or feel the spin cycle)

Quality & Quantity: It fits the same size loads of wash as my old Whirlpool Extra Large Capacity top loader set (I've fit 8 pair of adult jeans and some shirts at once as well as a Queen comforter).  As far as Quality… I have a baseball player in the house and it has gotten Georgia red clay out of a pair of baseball pants in a smelly, soiled load with 2 tablespoons of HE detergent… so I'll say the quality is excellent!
Size and Measurement of the actual unit was a  HUGE issue with all front load washers and dryers… and the shallow depth of this Bosch washer and dryer actually was one of the biggest reasons I chose this set.  I have a laundry room where the passway into the room is where the washer and dryer hookup is setup… so I only had 29.5 " of depth space from the wall to where the units needed to stop so there was enough room to pass by to get into the room.
Units physically measure 28" deep if you measure just the top of the appliance… but you need at least 4" of space from the back of the washer and dryer to the wall for the vent and back of unit equipment (hose for the steam feature) AND the front of the unit has a dial and a door that sticks out another 3" for a total of 35" from the wall to the front of the unit.  If your washer and dryer is near a door or any other obstruction, you'd need at least this much clearance.  Of course you also have to account for additional depth to open the washer and dryer door which is an additional 22" from the front of the unit when the door is open straight out.  Lastly, about the shape and size… this was one of the few units that has a completely FLAT top (no beveled top or lip along the top of the unti) to both the washer & dryer allowing me to utilize it as a flat folding surface like a countertop.
Bosch mechanic told me my clothes were not getting as dry as they could after a wash because I was using too much detergent.  Although I was using the new HE detergent, I was using the same amount of liquid detergent as I had with my old washer.  When I thought about it… my old washer used 40 gallons of water a load and this Bosch front loader uses 13 gallons a load… so I tried the mechanics suggestion of using only 1-2 tablespoons of the HE detergent per load and they are just as clean and less wet when the wash cycle is over.

I'm not usually into all the different settings and cycles as I prefer mostly to use the basic settings and options… however when my son was recently very sick and threw up all over his bedding and comforter I was extremely happy with the Sanitize cycle option that gets the water up to 170 degrees and runs for 2 hours to extra wash and rinse the load and the washer.

The usually settings and cycles (cotton, permanent press, etc.) loads tend to run 1 hour which is 10-15 minutes longer than my old Whirlpool top loaders… but since this new washer is using one-third the amount of water and laundry detergent with the same results I'm ok with the slightly longer duration of cycles.  AND there is the Quick Full and Quick Light cycles which are only 45 min and 20 min as an option.

Also, something to get use to if you are new to a front loader… the machine measures the water level and amount of water automatically by spinning the clothes to 'weigh' the load and adjusts appropriately.  I like this as it takes the guess work out of the process for me and the clothes are always clean and detergent free when then come out.

AND to dispel the myth that you can't add clothes after the cycle has started on a front loader… I have left my laundry room up to 7 minutes after my load has started and found a sock that I dropped and have been able to hit the 'pause' button, waited a few seconds for the drum and water to settle and then open the door to add the sock to the load without a problem. I didn't want to get the platforms that go underneath because I've been told they make the units vibrate because they are not sterdy or balanced enough… plus at the height without the base platforms I use the tops of the units as a shelf to fold laundry.  If they were taller it would not be comfortable to use them as a shelf.

Dryer has ventilation choices from the side of the unit or the back.
Dryer has sneaker shelf to dry shoes so they don't clank around in the dryer.

I've found it only comes in White, Silver and Anthracite (deep gray) - all with stainless steel and glass window doors.  So no elaborate color options, but I'm not into trendy colors as I plan to have this set for awhile and don't want them to go out of style.  I remember my mother's old muddy green washer and dryer from the 70s that we had well into the 90s that sat off our kitchen area… oh, an embarrassingly outdated eyesore.)
The dryer has a very loud and annoying buzz when the load is done.  FORTUNATELY you can choose to turn that sound off which I have done.  However, the continuous tumble cycle on every setting that runs every 4 minutes for a length of 1 minute for over 4 hours to keep the clothes from wrinkling until you open the door or shut off the dryer to get the clothes out is also annoying to me - especially because I tend to put a load in the dryer right before I go to bed so it runs during the night.  There is no way to shut this continual tumble cycle off.
Not specific to this brand, but true of all front loaders… you need to wipe off the inside of the door and inside rubber seal while leaving the door slightly open after every load so it can fully dry out or you'll get a mold smell.  Since I've had the units I take just 30 seconds to wipe it down after my last load and leave the door open overnight (as well as leave the detergent door open slightly as well) to air out and have never had an issue with any smell or mold at all.  I do think the Bosch's stainless steel washer drum (as opposed to the Porcelain drums) helps it dry quicker and easier and avoids odors.

Of the few reviews I saw before I bought this set, I read a few complaints about the vibration and shaking and the E error message that appeared on the display timer.  I can say I've had absolutely no issues with vibration and shaking (however, I know it was installed properly and the Bosch mechanic tested it on a full cycle before he left) and I've only gotten the E error when I accidentally pushed on the buttons with my hip while I was reaching across the dryer to get something… it make a beeping sound and I turned the dial to off and back on and it was fine.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 950.00

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