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Bose Wave Radio/CD: I Can't Believe I Paid This Much.

Feb 24, 2002
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Pros:Huge sound in a small radio. Simple to use.


The Bottom Line: If you are looking for great sound in a small box, don't even think twice. Buy it.

What do you get for a man that only wants tools for Christmas or any other time for that matter? My husband is tool crazy but I hate to buy them for him, he usually already has it. This Christmas I decided not to get tools. I racked my brain on what I could give him that he would really enjoy. Then I heard an advertisement for the Bose Radio and I remembered him saying that he had always wanted one. Problem solved I now knew what he would get for Christmas.

I went online and ordered him the Bose, but when I saw the price I was astounded. 499.00 I thought this radio better be gold plated. It wasnít.

Not Gold Plated

I have to admit it is a very stylish radio. I ordered it in black, it also comes in beige, with a CD player on the top of the radio. The control panel is the top that opens for the CD. From the manual: The radio is 14Ē wide by 4 3/8Ē high and about 8 inches deep. It weighs 7.4 lb.

Is it Worth The Money

I have to admit waiting with anticipation for my husband to open this gift. I was anxious to hear what I had paid 499.00 for. For once my husband was really pleased and surprised. ďOkay, I thought I did something right for a change but just what is so special about this radio?Ē It even has its own remote, a sleek little thing that fits in the palm of your hand. He plugged it in and turned it on tuning to a station that was playing Christmas music.

I listened but I could hardly believe the sound that was coming out of the radio. It sounded better then our stereo system. I really like this radio. I have never heard a radio that sounded like this one. Paul Harvey is right. There is nothing like a Bose.

What Comes With This Miracle of Science

As I said before it has a CD player that opens from the top. It only holds one CD. The remote that comes with it controls the CD, radio presets {six for AM and FM}, alarm and volume as well as scanning for stations or scanning the CD. There is a display on the front of the radio that shows the time, alarm on and off {two alarms so you can each get up at separate times}, and an indicator that shows aux, FM, or AM. When playing a CD a light comes on that tells you what track is playing.

The alarm, like most now a days, comes with a snooze button. The time can be set for regular time or military time, which is nice when you are married to a Chief that always thinks in military time. There are two modes that you can use with the CD player. Random and repeat, we play our radio all night going to sleep with music and waking with music. So these modes are very handy. We put on one of our Thunder Storm or Beach Relaxation CDís and hit the repeat button and that is it. The first time I played the Thunderstorm CD on the Bose I was reminded of the commercial about Memorex tapes. Is it real or is it Memorex or some kind of a phrase like that. The Thunderstorm that was coming out of the radio sounded so real that when I woke up in the middle of the night I went to make sure the window was down so rain did not blow in, as I got to the window I realized it was the Bose I was listening to, unbelievable.

This radio comes with all the hookups in back for more components to be added if you want. It has two auxiliaries in and two out jacks. Reading through the manual I see that you can hook up a TV or computer, CD changer, tape deck or VCR. The system is very simple. The controls on the top of the radio are easily understood even for me, without directions.

If you want to play the CD there are no buttons to push to open or shut the door, all you have to do is lift, why canít everyone make radios and TVís this simple.

Last Thoughts

I donít understand all the scientific jargon about the sound, from what I understand the radio takes energy and sends it to the outside over bass notes. To put it simply this small radio sends big sounds out into the room. In other words this radio sounds like I am listening to the real thing. It has been playing steadily now since Xmas and we have had no problems at all. I could not be more pleased with a purchase that I have made. My husband loves it and I love it. If you get the chance buy it. You will not regret one penny spent on this radio. There is a one-year warranty. You can receive customer support from this address.

Bose Corporation
The Mountain
Framingham, MA 01701-9168

Or go online at

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Amount Paid (US$): 499.00

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