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Stacie the Bowling Barbie Doll

Apr 6, 2001
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Pros:Original, cute, kids like her

Cons:Some safety issues, the doll will outlast the set

The Bottom Line: This is a nice set, but Stacey will outlast her bowling bowling party in play value

Yes, it's true, Stacie has joined the bowling league! When I first saw Bowling Party Stacie on sale at an online retailer for $2.99, I didn't hesitate to add, yet another Barbie doll to our growing collection. I was lured by the low price and regretful that I hadn't purchased more for future gifts. Stacie is the perfect model for the school girl set, appearing to be about 8 years of age.

The main draw for Bowling Party Stacie is, of course, the accessories that come with her. She promises that she is able to actually bowl on her inflatable bowling lane. The packaging is eye-catching and the set looks complete with all the gear Stacey might need for a day of bowling.

Stacey is the doll that falls between the smallest sized Kelly and friends line, and the older Skipper line. Barbie represents the mature or adult version and is the least like the girls that choose to play with these dolls. Stacey seems to be the most representative of the age when most girls actively play with Barbies.

The Bowling Party Stacey Set

The set includes Stacey, dressed in shiny pink pants and a t-shirt. Her blonde hair is tied with pink ribbons into 2 braided pigtails. Naturally, she comes with the shiniest silver-glittered, bright pink, bowling ball. The bowling ball strongly resembles those rubber bouncy balls and it is a potential hazard for young children. The package makes no note of this, but please use judgement if buying this for a child under 5.

Also included is a bowling bag and scorecard. The bowling lane inflates easily and the included white pins can be set to replicate a real bowling alley set up. The typical Barbie hairbrush is also in the set, in case Stacey needs to freshen up at the lanes.

Does Stacey Really Bowl?

Of course Stacey bowls! But it is not the easiest of tasks to repeatedly set up pins and adjust Stacey's arm to the correct position to bowl. It takes some manual labor and most kids will find it novel for a short time. There is a magnet on the bowling ball and on Stacey's hand, so that she can hold the ball. Pressing her back will lift and release the ball down the alley, when done just right.

Play Value

Bowling Party Stacey was definitely worth the price I paid for her. She is a welcome addition at the house full of blonde Barbie dolls and little Kelly and friends. Like most of the packaged Barbie sets that promise things such as bowling, hair decorating, ballerina twirling, and other feats, the actual dolls outlast their accessories and gear. Stacey is no exception. She gets played with often and stands out because she is different than the ten other similar Barbies. Her bowling party is over though.

The lane remains inflated and is great fun for my kids to bowl on with the little pink sparkle ball. The other items are a part of the "Barbie box" now, mixed in with the rest of gear that past Barbies came with.

Stacey requires her own size in clothing but additional outfits can be found at our local stores. She would make a great gift for a girl between 5 and 10 years old, in my opinion, and a nice "school birthday party" present.

*The package warns against the following:

"Do not launch the ball at humans or animals"
"Do not place magnets near devices affected by magnets"
"Use only the ball included to bowl"

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 2.99
Type of Toy: Other
Age Range of Child: 6 to 8 Years

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