Branch Hook for Hanging Bird Feeders (Woodlink) Reviews
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Branch Hook for Hanging Bird Feeders (Woodlink)

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WoodLink 12 Inch Branch Hook for Hanging Bird Feeders, Birdhouses, Hanging Plants and More.

Jul 27, 2012
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Pros:Rust/weather resistant, holds up to ten pounds, fits branches up to 5 inches in diameter


The Bottom Line: Recommended for hanging all sorts of objects including birdhouses, bird feeders, hanging plants, yard ornaments, and more.

Whether you want to hang a birdhouse, bird feeder, hanging plant, yard ornament, or anything else, a WoodLink 12 Inch Branch Hook may be the ideal solution for you. This Branch Hook consists of a powder-coated steel hanger that is rust and weather resistant. It is easy to hang the larger hook end over a sturdy tree branch, just as you would hang a clothes hanger in your closet. The smaller end of this double hooked hanger is meant to hold such things as hanging bird feeders, bird houses, garden decorations, or hanging plants.

This Branch Hook works well for hanging all sorts of objects from branches that are up to 5 inches in diameter. It is designed to hold objects up to ten pounds, and does a good job of it. You can find these WoodLink Branch Hooks for prices ranging from around $3-$6, so be sure to shop around for the best price. Although this hook seems very sturdy and appears that it will last a long time, I am much happier to have found them available for the lower prices than to have paid more for the same product.

These hooks are black in color, and are like a heavy-duty wire hook. I have made similar hangers from heavy wire clothes hangers, only the ones I made are not nearly as sturdy as these, and were also not rust or weather resistant. The ones I made myself were only strong enough for very light weights because they would bend until some of the heavier plants I hung from them dropped.

I have used these for everything from hanging plants, bird feeders, bird houses, yard ornaments, wind chimes, and more. I really liked these for the Topsy Turvy upside down planters that I bought last year and hung from the tree outside my bedroom window. The plants did really well and looked beautiful hanging there. Two of the plants that I hung with other types of hooks fell to the ground, but these ones stayed in place through the entire season, and the hooks are still in great shape so I could use them again this year.

Using them for my some of my bird feeders worked really well too because I could easily reach up and lift the hook off the branch to bring my feeder down to fill it with a fresh supply of birdseed, then easily hook it back over the branch. I didn't have to fight with it to unhook it like I did with some previous hangers I have used.

These WoodLink Branch Hooks hold all of my hanging objects in place with no worries about them falling from the tree. The hook allows freedom of movement when a breeze comes along, yet the open end of the hook comes down far enough that these hooks aren't likely to come loose from the tree branch unintentionally. I like how easy they are to remove without the likelihood of falling.

I recommend these for anyone who enjoys nature, or who just wants to add a decorative touch to their yard by hanging plants, hanging decorations, birdhouses, bird feeders, or other hanging objects around their yard.

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Holds up to 10 lbs. Easy to use Easily hang your birdhouse from a sturdy tree branch with the WoodLink Branch Hook. Can also be used for a lightweight...
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