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Melnor Brass Hose Nozzle (BCW541250)

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I Just Love My Nozzle!

Oct 19, 2011
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Pros:Built tough.  Works well.


The Bottom Line: These are also available for sale via the internet!

I do a lot of gardening work, especially in the Spring.  Every couple of years I end up having to buy new gardening tools.  This is because those I bought in previous years were inferior in quality, broke, got lost, or I just wanted something better.  Such is the case with my hose nozzles.

Last year, I purchased a combination plastic and steel hose nozzle that had all sorts of nifty spray adjustments I could choose from.  I simply dialed the spray I wanted and I got it!  Simple, easy to use.  But cheap.  The thing did not last the season. My children wanted to wash my truck one hot summer day and they kept dropping the hose nozzle on the driveway.  Klunk! Klunk! Klunk!  Eventually the poor thing broke.  It did not have a chance!

So, next time out to the store for a nozzle, I had quality on my mind.  No plastic!  No cheaply made painted steel!  I want a solid brass nozzle that will last for years to come.  I found what I was looking for at my local True Value Hardware store.   They sold these torch shaped nozzles made of solid brass.  The nozzle is about the size of a big cigar.  It has a rubber grip on it to help with turning and to insulate your hand from the cold water.  I simply screwed it on to the end of my hose, and twisted the body to adjust the spray, first on, then to the type spray I wanted.  No markings indicating type of spray.  No dials.  No plastic!  It is a very simple design that anyone could use.  Plus, it is pretty much klunk-proof!

I've been using the nozzle for several months now.  It is working flawlessly.  We do have some calcium deposits in our water, so I will probably need to soak the nozzle in vinegar at some point to clear out any calcium that sticks to the inside chamber.  No big deal.  It is unavoidable in this situation.

I would highly recommend this nozzle.  It only cost me about $3 on sale at the hardware store.  My parents had a similar hose nozzle on their hose.  I remember they had the same nozzle throughout the entire 1970's and they never had to replace it!  (They still have it!)  I hope my nozzle holds up that long.  Thanks for reading my review and best wishes for a nice day!


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